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Deploying Advanced Technology - Key Success Factors and Applications

Accurate time synchronized measurements (e.g., synchrophasors) across the electric power system have long been identified to enable and improve various power system applications. The advent of technology has made innovations and the vision for production grade systems come true. Proliferation of energy mixes at transmission and distribution, rapid technological developments, reliability and regulatory challenges, and managing existing infrastructure while responding to the future are key challenges our industry has been facing. Successful journey along the path of infrastructure deployment and grid reliability has become more achievable with the synchronized measurement technology. This article is part 1 of a two part series about the journey towards deployment of Synchrophasor technology, the business case for large scale production grade systems, the roadmap to success, challenges, and lessons of several large scale projects. The Energy management, value realization andultimate benefits, data mining considerations, and visualizations, either for system engineering or real-time operation tools will be explored in more details by the industry navigators in the future article. More

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