Lessons Learned

Wide Area Protection and Control Scheme

(Maintains Central America's Power System Stability)

by Jose V. Espinoza, AMM-Guatemala, Fernando Calero, Armando Guzman, Mangapathirao V. Mynam, and Eduardo Palma, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc., USA

The power system in Guatemala, besides serving its local loads, also serves as the power corridor from Mexico to other Central American countries via its interconnection with El Salvador. The regional transmission network (RTN) interconnects Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. Guatemala is the most northern country of the Central American RTN and links the Central American network to the Mexican power system. The Mexican power system (50 GW) is significantly larger than the total interconnected Central American system (7 GW) and is a very strong system compared with the Central American system. More

BeijingSifang June 2016