Industry News

DS Agile from Alstom

Alstom Grid launches its DS Agile Digital Control System DS Agile, Alstom Grid's latest end-to-end automation solution for Digital Substations, combines cutting-edge hardware, software, communications and the highest technology engineering.  DS Agile ensures enhanced substation situational awareness:  high reliability, security and interoperability through IEC 61850 Ethernet network arch... More

IEEE Medal of Honor

Edmund O. Schweitzer III received the prestigious 2012 IEEE Medal in Power Engineering on Saturday, June 30, 2012, during an award ceremony held in Boston, MA, honoring 26 top technologists. IEEE is the world's largest technical professional association. The Medal in Power Engineering, sponsored by the IEEE Industry Applications, Industrial Electronics, Power Electronics, and Power & Ener... More

New Fellows

Four members of the PAC community are in the 2012 Class of Newly Elevated Fellows Christoph Brunner (Switzerland) for development of global standards  for substation automation and smart grids   Erich W. Gunther (USA) for contributions to the development and standardization of techniques for electric power quality Farnoosh Rahmatian (Canada) for contributions to optical voltage and curr... More

New SEL synchroWAVe

Synchrophasor Visualization Software The new SEL synchroWAVe software user interface (UI) enhancements make it easier to view and find information. Alarms alert users of predefined system conditions, and phasor plots make it easier to see angle differences between several phasor measurement units (PMUs) Also, a powerful search function increases the speed of finding system conditions ... More

Next generation protection & control for transmission lines

TOSHIBA announces GR-200 Series Line Protection IEDs Toshiba announces the launch of transmission line protection and control IEDs based on its next generation GR-200 Series IED platform. GRZ200 provides distance protection and control applications for feeders in all types of network. GRL200 provides line differential protection as well as distance protection and control functions. I... More

Test Data Management

 OMICRON offers new NERC PRC-005 compliant database solution ADMO is a new easy-to-use database software for central planning and management of the maintenance activities for protection systems. The following components can be managed: Protective relays    Communication systems    Control circuitry Instrument transformers    Circuit breakers     Station DC supply... More

Technology News

GPS Spoofing - a satellite pretender

The increased reliance of many everyday activities on GPS technology, and recently the increased use of drones for military and other purposes, are raising the issue of the reliability and accuracy of the GPS signals. This is not only valid for civilian applications, but now more and more for the electric power industry as well. The requirements for accurate time synchronization by Phasor Me... More

Solar Site Controller -solutions for centralized management

Integration of renewable energy resources with the electric power grid is one of the challenges that the protection, automation and control industry faces today.  The Solar Ware® Main Site Controller (MSC) provides centralized management of Utility-Scale Photovoltaic Installations offers the industry a very advanced grid management. The MSC provides overall coordination and control of the ... More
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