Cigre Study Committee B5

by Rannveig Loken, Norway

During the CIGRE Study Committee B5 (SC B5) colloquium in Auckland 2017, 3 new working groups were suggested. The first group was approved by the Technical Council Chairman in November 2017:

  • WG B5.66 Cyber Security requirements for PACS and the Resilience of PAC Architectures. The convener in this working group is Dennis Holstein from USA

The next two groups were approved by the Technical Council Chairman in April 2018:

  • WG B5.65 Enhancing Protection System Performance by Optimizing the Response of Inverter-Based Sources. The convener of this working group is Dr. Farfilho from Brazil
  • JWG B5/D2.67 Time in Communication Networks, Protection and Control Applications - Time Sources and Distribution Methods. The convener and leader in this working group from SC B5 is Yubo Yuan from China. The leader for SC D2 is Roel de Vries from Netherland

During the CIGRE session in Paris, SC B5 will organize the tutorial "Challenges and solutions for the maintenance of fully digital substation" on Monday 27th of August.
The poster session for SC B5 will take part on Tuesday 28th of August in Hall Ternes and will be chaired by Dr Bogdan Kasztenny from Canada.

The following Preferential Subjects will be discussed on Wednesday 29th of August in GRAND AMPHI-THEATRE:

  • PS1 - Protection under system emergency conditions. The special reporter will be Prof. Nirmal-Kumar Nair from New Zealand
  • PS2 - User experience and current practice with IEC 61850 process bus. The special reporter will be Prof. Ray Zhang from United Kingdom

The Special report for SC B5 with summary of all the papers for PS1 and PS2, and questions related to the papers will be distributed in June 2018.

The latest Technical Brochure published by SC A3, B5 and C4 in the joint working group JWG A3/B5/C4.37 is "System conditions for and probability of out-of-phase".
The objective of the Joint Working Group (JWG) A3/B5/C4.37 is investigation of the probability of power system separation with its consequences for related power plant, protection/control and circuit breaker requirements.
The influence of non-synchronous power plants has been studied. Transmission system operators’ policies with respect to power swings and grid code requirements have been included in the investigations. Recommendations for future studies are in more adequate models to simulate the behavior of power systems in distress with special attention to type testing protection relays and to support decision makers, system designers/ planners, and the operational staff in control centers.
The brochure can be downloaded free of charge by CIGRE members from the e-Cigre web site and can be purchased by non-members.  


Rannveig J. S. Loken received her Bachelor of Science in Micro Electronics from Trondheim University College in 1990, and her Master of Science in Electric Power engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in 1992. She works in Statnett, the TSO of Norway, and has been the Head of Section for the Control and Protection system since 2007. In August 2012, she became the secretary of Cigre SC B5. Her special field of interest is protection and control for the transmission system.
She is currently the project manager in Statnett for a R&D project related to Digital substation.
In addition, working in Cigre Working groups is of great interest - she is currently a member of WG B5.53.
Rannveig is in the Advisory board of PAC world, Committee member of DPSP, and Member of the International Advisory Committee APAP.

Power. Flexible. Easergy.
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