Final Thoughts

In the March 2011 issue of the magazine we focused on the relationship between PAC technology and the Smart Grid. One year later we look in more detail at Distribution Automation as one of the key components of the future grid.

As with protection, substation and distribution automation existed long before anybody started talking about a smart grid.
The problem was that they existed independently. They were developed, produced and applied as independent systems used for the control of the electric power system under different changing system conditions.

What the concept of the Smart Grid does is bringing all the pieces of the puzzle together. And now many people outside of the PAC community start to realize that Smart Grid is not just smart meters.
It is much more than that, and Distributed Automation is considered the smart grid's next big thing.

According to¬† the cleantech market intelligence firm Pike Research’s new report “Distribution Automation”, investments are expected to total 46 billion US dollars globally over the next five years, resulting in cost savings through measurable improvements in operational efficiency, reliability, service quality and energy conservation.
In the coming issues of the magazine we will continue to look into the details of other components of the Smart Grid that are related to protection, automation and control.

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