Industry Reports

Active Distribution Networks - Development & Operation

The goal of CIGRE Study Committee C6 is to study and report on a wide range of topics related to what today is considered as components of a Smart Distribution Grid, such as the connection and integration of distributed energy resources (DER), including small size generators, storage and relevant power electronic devices and their application as a part of the medium/long term evolution of distribution systems (Microgrids and Active Distribution Networks), as well as actions and processes for demand management and customers integration and rural electrification.   More

Effect of Distribution Automation on Protective Relaying

The assignment of the working group is to "Produce a special report describing the effect of Distribution Automation on Protective Relaying." Distribution Automation (DA) is part of today's evolution of the distribution system. Many utilities already have some Distribution Automation applications (e.g. remote controlling of feeder switches and breakers, automatic reconfiguration, fault detection, fault location, voltage and reactive power control, Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), etc.) and the trend is undeniable and expanding.   More

Relion advanced protection & control.
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