Lessons Learned

Self-Healing Solution for Medium Voltage Feeders on the Isle of Wight


by John Baker, UK, and Mike Meisinger, UK

This article discusses the experiences of Scottish and Southern Energy plc since implementing an automated distribution feeder self-healing pilot project on the Isle of Wight, in 2008. Using peer-to-peer communication and real-time feeder loading data, this distributed-intelligence solution utilizes the S&C IntelliTeam II Automatic Restoration System to control seven feeder breakers and 32 S&C IntelliRupter® PulseClosers on eleven 11-kV interconnected feeders.  At the conclusion of the project, SSE had successfully demonstrated the technological advantages of IntelliRupter's pulseclosing feature and the economic benefits of IntelliTeam II in reducing Customer Minutes Lost by automatically restoring power to unfaulted feeder segments. *

* It was done in less time than the restoration target set by the UK regulator. 

This article details the products and features SSE chose, along with the experiences gained by SSE. Also covered are the challenges encountered in installing and maintaining a peer-to-peer communication solution, along with the lessons learned when SCADA operators became involved. 


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