PG&E's SynchroPhasor Proof-of-Concept facilities in San Ramon, California

This facility, the brain child of the IEEE Fellow Vahid Madani of PG&E,  is a leading-edge interoperability, system integration, and application validation laboratory in the nation.  This test bed includes 17 Phasor Measurment Units (PMUs) from 4 different manufacturers:

  • 2 Substation-hardened Phasor Data Concnetrators (PDCs)
  • 2 control center PDCs
  • A large number of Ethernet switches and routers
  • GPS clocks with IRIG-B and IEEE 1588v2 time data interfaces
  • 2 EMS (Energy Management System (EMS) servers hosting a number of advanced Wide Area Monitoring
  • Control and Protection Apllications including Visulization and synchrophasor-enhanced State Estimators,  and
  • A number of test equipment, including:
  • PMU simulators
    • Amplifiers
    • Real-time digital simulator
BeijingSifang June 2016