March 2017 Issue
Protection and control systems play an extremely critical role in the electric power system, because they are responsible for the detection of any abnormal system conditions and taking action to bring the system back within acceptable ranges of the system parameters. It cannot function in isolation, especially today in the time of the Smart Grid. This issue of the magazine is focused on some... More


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Industry News


Enabling the Digital Substation ABB’s digital substation portfolio encompasses state-of-the-art communication solutions, bay-level products based on the Relion® family, as well as process level equipment. Modern non-conventional-instrument-transformers with a digital interface increase safety and reduce footprint requirements, while stand-alone merging units open up a path to retrof... More

Beckwith Electric - 7679 Recloser Control

The M-7679 Recloser Control  is a universal recloser control compatible with the most popular three phase ganged and independent phase capable reclosers. It is IEEE 1686 compliant and includes embedded cyber security tools to help users be NERC CIP V5 compliant with no additional hardware/ software needed including IPsec and Radius Server security. Embedded “Apps” and m... More

Electrocon Expands NERC PRC Compliance Reporting Support in CAPE

Electrocon International, the full-service developer and marketer of CAPE software for protection system simulation and data management, has announced enhanced support in the latest version of CAPE for several NERC PRC standards including PRC-001, PRC-002-2, PRC-019-1 PRC-023-2, PRC-024-2, PRC-025-1, PRC-026-1 and PRC-027-1.  New features within CAPE allow users to quickly and accurate... More

Faster, better, smarter...

New version IEDScout 4.20 available The new version of IEDScout is a versatile software tool for users working with IEC 61850 that can benefit from the new services and enhanced performance. You will discover IEDs, open SCL (Substation Configuration Language) files and browse through large data models faster than ever before. The new IEC 61850 file transfer feature allows you to downlo... More

IEEE Herman Halperin Electric Transmission and Distribution Award

The IEEE Herman Halperin Electric Transmission and Distribution Award was established in 1986 through an agreement between Herman Halperin and the Board of Directors of the IEEE. The funds were contributed by Herman and Edna Halperin and are administered by the IEEE Foundation, Inc. George D. Rockefeller received the 2017 IEEE Herman Halperin Electric Transmission and Distribution Award at ... More

Introducing NovaTech Orion I/O?

NovaTech’s Orion I/O, is bringing the latest in high density, advanced diagnostics, and security to I/O applications in electrical substations. Key design features are: High density: Up to 64 discrete I/O in 2 RU to reduced panel space Three I/O cards available: 16 DI card, 16 DO card and 8 AI card  Bitronics Advanced User Interface provides point name, point status and t... More

OMICRON Electronics

OMICRON’s DANEO Control now with oscilloscope feature  The new version 4.00 of DANEO Control impresses with major features and enhancements.Observe instantaneous values live to quickly analyze and verify the wave form. Easily inspect phasors in a phasor diagram and identify predominant harmonics in a spectrum at first sight. In addition, observe and supervise quality informatio... More

Protection of Grids with Renewable Generation Just Got Simpler

GE launches new P540 Agile models P54A to P54E, delivered on the latest powerful platform, with optional PRP/HSR Ethernet redundancy and IEC 61850 Edition 2 communications.  A revolutionary protection algorithm scales right up to six ends of circuit differential protection, accommodating the maximum of distributed generation tee infeeds to the grid. The superset P54C and P54E Agile m... More

Software Defined Networking

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is funding a research team to develop a secure networking solution that reduces cyberattack exposure for U.S. industrial and utility mission-critical networks. The team, which includes representatives from Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. (SEL), Veracity and Sempra Renewables, will focus on developing technology to reduce the cyberattack surface ... More

Triangle MicroWorks? IEC 61850 Library

Triangle MicroWorks now offers a free IEC 61850 Library Evaluation Kit The Kit includes a Windows® DLL for the MMS server and GOOSE protocol stacks along with an example server application, example ICD file, and Visual Studio® project to easily build the server application. The evaluation kit also shows how the library parses SCL files to configure IED communication parameters lik... More

?Grid Runner? Smarter. Better. Faster.

Simplified & Automated IEC 61850 Conformance Testing Grid Runner, the IEC 61850 Conformance Testing Software, is a new addition to Grid Software Engineering Studio. With predefined Ed2 UCA test procedures, Grid Runner is designed to simplify and automate conformance test experience while reducing your engineering time to an absolute minimum. Users engage with Grid Runner by importing the SC... More

Technology News

Floating Solar Power Plants

Floating solar photovoltaic system in Florida The Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC) recently completed in partnership with Ciel & Terre and D3 Energy their first full-fledged US project the largest floating solar photovoltaic system in Florida to date. Florida has an annual average of 230 days of sunshine making PV systems the perfect renewable energy resource. The main challenge is to iden... More

FWA - Fixed Wireless Access

A digital transformation, enabled by mobility, cloud and broadband, is taking place in almost every industry, disrupting and making us rethink our ways of working. With the dawn of the 5G era, new use cases for the technology are emerging as consumers and enterprises set to work on identifying processes and channels that will boost the efficiency of their lives and their business. Wireless c... More

Cover Story

How Utilities? MV-LN Areas can benefit from IEC 61850 when transitioning to Smart Grid

Introduction As the heart of any electrical power distribution system, MV/LV substations house the switches, capacitors, transformers, and other assets used to keep grid power flowing, balanced, and routed appropriately. These substations, located most closely to the vast majority of grid users, are becoming the cornerstone of the electricity grid evolution. Transitioning these MV/LV assets... More

IEC 61850 Update

IEC 61850 what to expect in 2017

Some of the projects could be finished up, other ones made a major step forward by having first official drafts available. On the other side, we got proposal for a series of new topics to be addressed. Over the turn of the year, we were able to circulate many documents related to IEC 61850 through IEC - comment resolutions, new drafts as well as final versions for publication. Significant ... More

Lessons Learned

Energy Services and Derived Data Model for the Integration of DER Systems into the Grid


Deterministic HSR

Determinism in Substation Automation with IEC 61850 (HSR / PTP)

A real-time system responds to a change of its input by a corresponding change of its output within a given time. All automation systems are “real-time”- a term introduced in the punched card age to distinguish from “simulated time” and “batch” computing. Real-time systems are divided into hard-real-time systems that always react before a given deadline (af... More

Fiber and Process Bus

Fiber: from the Whiteboard to the Station Yard

“The 61850 technology has been discussed in the U.S. and North America since the late ‘90s, but no one to our knowledge has fully implemented a fiber optic solution in that footprint until now,” said Randy Steele, manager, P&C Standards/Substation Cyber Security. Replacing copper wiring in the station’s P&C system promises faster, more standardized construction and ma... More

Legal Issue

Harassment and Employers' Liability

In our previous issue, we began a discussion about harassment in the workplace, and provided a brief introduction of how it might occur, and how it could affect you.  As we delve into the different forms of harassment, we will begin with one of the most unpleasant types, sexual harassment.  But before we introduce these details, it is important to address another issue. While har... More

Communication Protocols

Application of a Web-based Communication Protocols in Smart Grids

A communication infrastructure with suitable and standardized smart grid communication protocols for DERs is essential in order to meet the high demands on electrical networks of the future. The EU research project OS4ES has therefore evaluated several web-based communications solutions, as they are used in the IT domain for distributed systems applications, for use in smart grids and develop... More

The Guru

The Guru: Prof. Dr. Athanasios (Sakis) Meliopoulos

PAC World:  When and where were you born? A.M.: I was born on March 19, 1949 in Katerini, Greece. PAC World:  Where did you grow up and where did you go to school? A.M.: I grew up in my hometown Katerini where I attended elementary school and then High School. PAC World:  Did you have any specific interests while in school?  A.M.:  I always wanted to underst... More


Protection History

In the last issues the way to IEC 61850 was described in details. The implementation’s history of several vendors could be covered. This article will finalize the subject matter and will focus on projects and experiences with interoperability. Figure 1 comes from an old WG10 slide summarizing the goals of IEC 61850. As we see interoperability was the main objective of the new standar... More

I Think

Solve the Next Generation of Challenges!

After the initial pickup in Substation and Distribution Automation in combination with more advanced communication solutions as well as the hype for advanced metering infrastructures, the focus is now shifting towards what we can do with all the information and data that is being generated by the deployed systems. Internet of Things (IoT) is the new buzz and concepts around Big Data and the... More

Industry Reports

Working Group Report

Widespread use of communications technology is one of the characteristics of the Smart Grid. The availability of Smart Grid communications may have also a significant impact on the development of more advanced protection applications. That was the reason for the IEEE PES PSRC to establish working group H2 with the task to analyze the different communications applications. The report is intend... More

Conference Reports

2016 Grid of the Future Symposium, Philadelphia, USA

The event was held 30 October - 1 November, 2016 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. The Symposium, sponsored by the CIGRE US National Committee (USNC) and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) was held in Philadelphia, PA, USA. The Symposium was intended as a forum for the participants to discuss state-of-the-art innovations in generation, transmission, distribution, and i... More

DistribuTECH 2016, San Diego, California, USA

  The event was held 31 January – 2 February 2017, in San Diego, California, USA. The DistribuTECH 2017 Conference and Exhibition was held at the San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California, USA. This was the 27th edition of the event which was the largest in its history with more than 13 thousand participants. It is the largest event in the world that focuses on a wi... More

Innovative Smart Grid Technologies, 2016 - ISGT Asia

  ISGT Asia was held 28November – 1 December 2016, in Melbourne, Australia. The Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Asia Conference, sponsored by the IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES), was held in Melbourne, Australia.  The conference venue was the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center. The conference differentiates itself from the many local industry conferences by bri... More

International Colloquium CIGRE Mexico, 2016

  The International Colloquium CIGRE Mexico 2016 was held 14- 16 November 2016 in Mexico City, Mexico. The Sevilla Palace Hotel was the venue of the event which was organized and hosted by the CIGRE Mexican National Committee and Study Committees B3, B5 and D2CIGRE Mexican National Committee and CIGRE Study Committees B3, B5 and D2. .   The event attracted substation design, prot... More

Book Review

Smart Grid Standards - Specifications, Requirements, and Technologies

1st Edition One of the main characteristics of the electric power industry of the 21st century is the transition towards a Smart Grid driven by the concerns with global warming and the rapid development and wide scale deployment of different green technologies. The resulting dramatic changes in the structure of the electric power grid and the replacement of large electric power stations w... More


Homemade Motorized Machines

by Ray Wright , Nova Tech, USA The passion started early growing up around muscle cars in New Jersey, and then with “Little Indian” and Rupp minibikes. The passion led to a mechanical engineering degree from General Motors Institute and full immersion into the car business. But although riding in machines is fun, designing and building them is better.  Part of the fun is b... More

Final Thoughts

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