Blackout Watch

System Power Outages

by Troy Linkugel, USA

Analysis of system power outages can help us learn and avoid similar events in the future. If you have information on any blackouts, please e-mail to:

Lake Worth, Florida, USA
20 May 2018
A text alert sent out after a short blackout warned of a ?zombie alert for Lake Worth and Terminus.? The reference to the city from the zombie-themed TV show ?The Walking Dead,? caused confusion amongst residents and embarrassment for local city officials after it went out to the more than 8,000 customers affected. The outage began around 1:45a.m. and power was restored within 30 minutes. Officials were investigating the bogus alert as they admitted ?Lake Worth does not have any zombie activity currently.?.
Sevastopol, Crimea
13 June 2018  
The entire Crimean Peninsula and its over 2 million residents suffered a total blackout, after a surge in electricity triggered an automatic shutdown. The issue started at a power station near Taman in southern Russia, with state-controlled power grid company Rosseti saying it needed just over an hour to restore the power supply through a cable that runs beneath the Kerch Strait.
Baku, Azerbaijan
3 July 2018

An explosion at a hydropower station in Mingechavir, resulted in Azerbaijan suffering its worst power outage since the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union. The Emergencies Ministry said a transformer sparked the fire, which comes as the Caspian Sea nation experiences high temperatures that caused power consumption to spike. The capital of Baku and nearly 40 other cities and regions were left in the dark for several hours.
Adelaide, Australia
11 July 2018
Thousands had to be evacuated by torchlight after a ballet performance and other events across the riverside arts precinct were hit by a power outage at about 9:30pm. Patrons slowly exited once they realized the darkness was not part of the production. All customers saw the lights return at 11:30pm. Authorities blamed a hungry rat that crawled inside an 11,000-volt piece of equipment and caused a blown fuse.
Saskatchewan, Canada
19 July 2018
A string of power outages hit the Northwest areas of Regina over several days. No single cause was being blamed for the blackouts, as reasons ranged from storms, switch failures due to old equipment, to a bird that landed on a power line and tripped it among other wildlife incidents. So far, this year, Regina has recorded 14 blackouts, leaving thousands of customers increasingly distraught
Caracas, Venezuela
31 July 2018

A massive power outage struck most of the nation?s capital, leaving more than 80% of the cities? 4 million residents without power. Parts of neighboring Miranda and Vargas states were also affected after a power main went down in a remote national park. Work crews had trouble reaching the damaged lines amid heavy rains, with some alleging the blackout was caused by an act of sabotage. 

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