Andreas Klien

Andreas Klien studied computer engineering at the Vienna University of Technology, where he also received the M.Sc. degree. Andreas joined OMICRON in 2005, working as developer, project manager, and team lead for IEC 61850 product development. Since 2018 he has been responsible for the Power Utility Communication business at OMICRON. His fields of experience are in substation communication, SCADA, and power systems cyber security. As a member of the WG10 in TC57 of the IEC he is participating in the development of the IEC 61850 standard series.

In his spare time, Andreas enjoys everything you can do in the Austrian mountains.

Constantin Popescu

Constantin Popescu is a Technology Manager for ABB’s Power Grid – Grid Automation Business Unit in the UK. He received his B.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Craiova, Faculty of Electrotechnics, Romania. Previously a principal protection system engineer with TRANSELECTRICA, Constantin moved to the UK in 2002. Initially with Power Engineering Consultants, he then joined ABB’s local engineering team. In his over 13 years’ tenure with ABB UK, Constantin held various engineering roles. He is currently leading the process of migrating protection and control system designs from conventional to full digital within ABB Power Grid – Grid Automation Business Unit in the UK.

In his spare time, Constantin enjoys traveling and sightseeing around the world.

Philip Orr

 Philip is a founder and the managing director of Synaptec. He is an expert in photonic instrumentation for power systems and a member of the IEC SC86C working group on fiber optic sensors. Prior to founding Synaptec, Philip held Scotland’s first Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellowship. He remains an honorary staff member at the University of Strathclyde where he conducted his doctoral research on photonic instrumentation for nuclear fusion reactors. He is the recipient of a number of engineering prizes, including the Sir William Siemens Medal and the EPSRC Doctoral Prize, and is the author of over 40 articles and 3 patents.

Outside of the office, Philip enjoys cycling - preferably around a quiet Hebridean island.

Nargis Hurzuk

Nargis Hurzuk graduated in Electrical engineering from Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University - India in 2004

Prior to joining Statnett, she was working with Siemens AS- Norway as a Protection and Control System Engineer in Power Transmission and Distribution division. Since 2010 she has been with Statnett. Earlier work experiences in Statnett include tendering to commissioning phases of the control system based on IEC 61850 design for station bus. Currently she is working as a project engineer for a multivendor R&D pilot project – Digital Substation. Her main responsibility in this project is to investigate the maturity of the process bus technology and what benefits this technique offers for the future substation design in the TSO.

In her leisure time, Nargis enjoys cooking Indian Cuisine.

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