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Impact of IEC 61850 on Protection and Automation

IEC 61850, the standard for communication in substations was published three years ago and is already widely used in Substation Automation projects. The goal of the standard is interoperability between devices from different manufacturers. It supports the interconnection of all applications in the substation automation (SA) system from the station level with its HMI and remote control gateway to the protection and control IEDs in the bays (station bus), and from these IEDs down to the switchgear (process bus). It supports also the use of unconventional current and voltage sensors. It may replace all signal wires by serial communication links. The standard goes beyond the definition of communication since it provides additional important features like the domain specific Data Model and the Substation Configuration description Language (SCL). Therefore questions came from the users: What is the impact of IEC 61850 on protection and automation? More

Cyber Security Issues for Protective Relays

In a major move toward ensuring the reliability of the electric grid, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approved eight cyber security and critical infrastructure protection (CIP) standards proposed by NERC, CIP 002-1 to 009-1. The standards will require bulk power system users, owners, and operators in the U.S. to identify and document cyber risks and vulnerabilities, establish controls to secure critical cyber assets from physical and cyber sabotage, report security incidents, and establish plans for recovery in the event of an emergency. Substantial compliance is required by 06/2008 and full compliance by 12/2008. Utilities that do not meet audit requirements will face stiff penalties for non-compliance when audits begin in 2009. More

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