Rehana Mubarak

Rehana was born in Colombo, the capital of Sri-Lanka. As a small child she emigrated to Germany. She spent most of her childhood and youth in Germany, however she spent one high school year in Cincinnati, OH, USA and also worked in Belgium for three months as a scientific translator for a medical engineering company. At the University of Hildesheim she studied "International Technical Communication". This course combines translation studies and classes in electrical and mechanical engineering. Now she is a Content Manager for LearnLift/Omicron in Austria and at the same time she is working on her Ph. D. thesis in Applied Linguistics.

Herb Falk

Herbert Falk has been involved in numerous projects involving the application of information systems and real-time communications technology to automated manufacturing, electrical distribution and automation and power quality monitoring. He has been involved in the determination of communication security needs and standardization since 1996. In 1998, Mr. Falk prepared the security specification for UCA. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Falk assisted in the design and implementation of SISCO's first suite of "secure" communication products. In 2000, Mr. Falk completed an EPRI security assessment of the United States Electric Utility Infrastructure. Additionally, Mr. Falk is a technical leader within IEC TC 57 WG15 whose scope is "Data and communication security in the field of IEC/TC 57". He is also actively involved in security efforts within IEEE.

When not working, the Falks like to travel and experience different countries and cultures.

Iana Apostolova

Iana graduated from UCLA in 2001 with a major in Political Science. In 2005 she was awarded the degree of Juris Doctor, from Loyola Law School. During her studies, Iana worked for Soft Power Int., where she became well acquainted with the engineering world. She furthered her business knowledge working for Insurance Marketing Inc. Upon graduating from Law School, Iana joined the Criminal Defense field, where she has devoted her talents to fight for her clients. To increase her business knowledge, Iana is currently working on her MBA from Ashford University.

Iana enjoys traveling, camping and watching football. Her latest passion is target shooting!

Paul Myrda

Paul Myrda is a Technical Executive with the Electric Power Research Institute working in Power Delivery and Utilization. He is responsible for Smart Grid projects and is leading the development of the next generation, monitoring and advancing the implementation of IEC 61850 and the Common Information Model. Paul has over 20 years of experience including leading edge technology implementations. His diverse background includes planning, engineering, information systems and project management. He has an MBA from Kellogg and MSEE and BSEE from Illinois Institute of Technology; President of Technology Management Association of Chicago; licensed professional engineer and a member of the IEEE and CIGRE.
He is also an avid woodworker for over 30 years primarily designing and building a variety of furniture pieces over the years. He enjoys all aspects of woodworking from computer aided design and the creative fixes, to the final finishing and delivery to its recipient.

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