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I've just been reading Marco Janssen's "I think" article in the Summer 2008 edition of PACWorld.
Before the lynch mobs of grey-bearded old protection engineers get to him, I would like him to know that there are some of us out there who are right behind him. An engineer is an applied scientist, and part of scientific endeavor is to always question things. Why is it so, how can it be done better, can we get a better result if we do things differently?
When you compare the article with some of the experiences of Martin Wedepohl in the same issue, it makes me wonder why protection engineers as a group seem to have learned nothing in the last 50 years. Even such a notable person as Mr. Wedepohl himself falls into the trap of dismissing future possibilities on the basis of experiences or habits of the past if his views on sequence components and primary versus backup protection are accurately reported.
It is time for a fundamental shift in protection engineering from viewing it as one of the drivers in power system design to being what it really is - a service to the primary system. The computer, relay and communications technologies of today allow many more things to be done in the protection and control field than were possible or even conceivable 20, 30 or 50 years ago.
The capabilities, availability and pricing of secondary systems are no longer (if they ever were) a limiting factor.
Rob Corke, Australia
Grey-bearded, old protection engineer who is determined to always ask "Why?" Note:
These are my personal views and do not purport to reflect or comment in any way upon the views of my employer

PAC World: Dear Rob, thanks a lot for your opinion. This is exactly the kind of discussion we hope will be triggered by the articles published in the magazine. We hope that many other readers will also come forward and express their thoughts.

Isn't Kenia supposed to be located in Africa, not South America?
(PAC World: This is referring to the Blackout Watch.)
Dr. Harald Kapp, Germany

PAC World: Dear Harald, this was not a test to see if people really read the magazine. It is a mistake (corrected for the web site). Actually the spelling is also incorrect - it is Kenya. Thanks for pointing it out in such a polite way.

I write just to share a video; it happened in a Nogales Mexico substation, bad settings and bad battery bank I guess!
Luis Antonio Soto R., Mexico

PAC World: Thanks Luis for sharing this with our community. The file can be downloaded from here.

PDF Version

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