Crisis! What Crisis?

Author: Marco C. Janssen

Based on speculation of leading banks our trust and belief in the financial system, that is so crucial for our economies and daily lives, has collapsed and has dragged many banks and financial institutions into deplorable state and has left many people without a job. It looks like that everyone is touched by this crisis in one way or another. However, I am not sure if it is everyone? I have been in the utility industry long enough to see a crisis when there is one, but fact is that there never has been more interest in the utility sector than currently is the case. In addition because of our Smart Grid hype, investments are booming and money is flowing like it hasn’t for a long time.

The flow of money attracts a whole flock of new companies into our industry. Companies that may make an engineer frown at times. Whatever may be the case, or the cause, the utility industry is currently one of the centers of economic attention. Which is great one would tend to think, however there are a few things that I would like to share regarding the development of the  so called crisis.

First of all, I do not think there is a crisis in the size as it is proclaimed in the media. I have asked dozens of people around the world how they are affected by this crisis and most of them have not seen any effect at all. They still have their job, still go on vacation, still go out, etc. But… they almost all share one thing. They are way more careful about how and where they spend their money. Why? Because the media tell us that there is a crisis… So our natural reaction is to be careful, because who wants to be affected in a negative way if one can prevent it?

What I also see is that people that do wish to invest in their own future or that of their company are confronted with banks and/or politicians that are afraid to get cold feet. This means that investment money is much more difficult to obtain and this is what I think really slows down the economy. What rest, is people that for example cannot sell their house because there is no one to buy it. Forcing them to stay where they are, hence the housing crisis… Or because companies cannot invest in their own growth they are forced to go into what I call a “hovering” state in order to survive. This means layoffs, salary cuts, and less job rotation, which leads to fewer investments on a personal level thus affecting the entire “food chain”.

So how can we change this circle of problems?

  • First of all THINK POSITIVE. I think that we should stop believing the negative messages and start believing in ourselves again
  • Second, we should write about the success stories instead of looking at the negativity in the news
  • Third, money needs to roll as we tend to say within our family so spend it, buy that car, book that vacation, take your loved ones out to dinner, help your company raise the money it needs

This will break this circle of doom and boost our economies.

Now I hear you think “What has he been smoking? Where do we get the money to do all of that as we are all affected by this crisis?”

Yes, I know that it sounds easier than it is, and indeed we needed this correction in order to get our heads out of the clouds and our feet back on the ground, but I believe that we have overshot our target and have plunged ourselves into this negative spin. Don’t you know that it has been proven that if people join forces that things start happening exponentially?

This is why one and one equals more than two. It is simple, there is only so much one person can comprehend and do. Two people that join forces can do exponentially more and imagine how much millions of people joining in positive thinking and helping each other can do, and in how little time…

This is how mankind got us where we are today and this is how we can overcome this crisis, which in my opinion does not exist but has been fabricated by the media and some influential people with their heads in the clouds. 



Marco C. Janssen graduated the Polytechnic in Arnhem, The Netherlands and developed further his professional skills through programs and training courses. He is President and Chief Commercial Officer of UTInnovation LLC - a company that provides consulting and training services in the areas of protection, control, substation automation and data acquisition, and support on the new international standard IEC 61850, advanced metering and power quality. He is a member of WG 10, 17, 18, and 19 of IEC TC57, the IEEE-PES and the UCA International Users Group.

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