Industry Reports

The U.S. National Committee of CIGRÉ (USNC)

CIGRÉ is the International Council on Large Electric Systems.  The U.S. National Committee is an organization of the U.S. members of CIGRÉ.  Its primary function is to organize participation of U.S. power engineers in the international organization and to facilitate symposia and workshops within the U.S. CIGRÉ was founded in Paris in 1921 as a worldwide, non-profit association.  It addresses issues related to the development, operation and management of electric power systems as well as the design, construction, maintenance and disposal of equipment and plants.  CIGRÉ’s members form a collaborative network consisting of individuals from all aspects of the power sector.  More

Common Ancillary Protective and Control Functions

The IEEE Power System Relaying Committee (PSRC), Substation Protection Subcommittee, Working Group K5 on Ancillary Protective and Control Functions Common to Multiple Protective Relays have produced a document that addresses the considerations in applying the ancillary protection, control and monitoring functions that are common in multiple relays and the integration of these functions into the overall protection system. Today's modern protection schemes come with fully integrated protection, control and monitoring functions to accommodate the implementation of the different design requirements to achieve a reliable protection and control solution. More

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