The Guru

Biography: Prof. Dr. Anton Ogorelec studied electrical engineering at the University of Ljubljana. After receiving his Ph. D. Degree, he joined TELA in Ljubljana, working on protection and pioneering automation applications. In 1957 he defended his Doctoral degree at the Faculty for Electrical Power and Machine Engineering at the University of Ljubljana. In 1959 he became Sector Director at Zavod za Avtomatizacijo (Automation Institution) in Ljubljana. He started teaching relay protection at the University of Ljubljana in 1959 and in 1971 was elected regular professor. He also lectured at the University of Maribor and in Wroclaw. He retired from this position in 1992. Dr. Ogorelec was Yugoslavia's representative in CIGRE SC 34 for relay protection and became a Distinguished Member in 1998. He was also actively involved in development of IEC standards and is a Life Member of IEEE.


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