December 2016 Issue
And this is actually not surprising. It reminds me of a personal experience. In the 1980’s I was a relatively young protection engineer given the task to develop what we call today a System Integrity Protection Scheme (SIPS). This was the time when programmable logic controllers were already being widely used in industrial automation, but the protection and control of the electric po... More


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Industry News


The world's first IED configuration tool with IEC 61850 Edition 2 conformance ABB's Protection and Control IED Manager PCM600 is the world's first IED configuration tool with IEC 61850 Edition 2 conformance. With the certification of PCM600, ABB is strengthening its leading position in the development of IEC 61850 substation automation tools. Earlier this year, ABB's system configuration... More

ARCTEQ Making Grids Smarter

The Need for a Smarter Distribution Grid is Increasing Management of a grid with growing amount of distributed energy production calls for more accurate real-time information. Penalties for long outages are a fact today in many countries and a fast fault location and network restoration is getting more important. The new AQ-E215 network management IED is developed to address the new deman... More


During the 2016 CIGRE Session in Paris, France Dr. Narain G. Hingorani from the United States received the prestigious CIGRE medal. It is granted every session year to maximum two members of CIGRE, in recognition of an outstanding contribution to the development of CIGRE (either administrative or technical achievement). Earlier in his career Dr. Hingorani spent 6 years at Bonneville Power A... More


Multilin UR 7.4 with Enhanced IEC 61850 Edition 2 & Routable GOOSE                                                        &... More


SimFlesxTM IEC 61850 Testing Tools                                                            GirdClone ... More

GridSoftware - Engineering Studio 2017

A comprehensive suite of IEC 61850 engineering tools      Engineering Studio is used for system specification, system configuration, simulation, monitoring and troubleshooting of IEC 61850 based systems. With third party Ed2 conformance testing of the MMS Server (SimLab) and Client (Discovery), along with SCT conformance testing of SCL Matrix underway, Grid Sof... More

NR Electric

PCS-9710 Smart RTU The PCS-9710 smart Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) provides data collection, transmission and processing functions for substations and power plants of all voltage levels. The PCS-9710 is fully compliant with IEC-61850 ed1 & ed2. It features easy extensibility and flexible configuration. The object-oriented design with unified software and hardware platforms enable the acc... More

OMICRON Electronics

Efficient setting-based testing with the Protection Testing Library (PTL)  As OMICRON’s protection experts continuously update and extend the PTL, users can now benefit from test templates for more than 360 relays. With the latest update of the PTL all SEL PTL items have been enhanced with a new integrated guided workflow, and the new PTL items for:  SEL 311L SEL ... More

Tekvel Park

Digital Substation Lifecycle Management System                                                            ... More

The Bible of Generator Protection Engineering

on-site pocket-sized reference tool The book is designed as a handy on-site pocket-sized reference tool, a readily available reference work for professionals, and also a How-To-Do-Guide for plant operators. It will also give students and first-time employees an illuminating insight into the „secret world“ of generator protection engineering. The reader can learn every essentia... More

Triangle MicroWorks

Introduces New Security Features            Triangle MicroWorks now supports Secure Authentication for IEC 60870-5 (-101 and -104) in their source code libraries and Communication Protocol Test Harness. This security capability is based on the cyber-security standard IEC 62351 (Parts 3, 5, and 8) and provides end to end cryptographic ... More

Technology News

Historic Achievement

Untitled Document Human Parity in Voice Recognition Voice recognition applications based on artificial intelligence processing of human speech have been around for quite some time and are becoming part of our everyday life. It is becoming more and more difficult to talk to a human when accessing different services and the quality has been improving, especially in the last couple of... More

IEC 62439-2

Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP) One of the main issues related to the benefits of IEC 61850 is its ability to work on different communications architectures while providing a high level of reliability required by the criticality of the different protection, automation and control applications. The selection of the most efficient protocol for a specific application is based on the speci... More

Cover Story

The Business Case for IEC 61850

There are many definitions that one can find on the Internet about what a business case is. They can be summarized in the following definition from A business case is an argument, usually documented, that is intended to convince a decision maker to approve some kind of action. Like everything else we talk about, the business case needs to answer the three questions: What are w... More

IEC 61850 Update

Making IEC 61850 Fit for the Future

Interoperability is one of the key goals of IEC 61850. As IEC 61850 is more than just communication, that means interoperability as well has to go beyond communication level. IEC 61850 extended with the substation configuration language and the engineering process described in part 6 the scope of standardization, but in edition 1 of IEC 61850, the focus was on communication interoperability.... More

Lessons Learned

Cost and Time Savings through Substation Integration in the Bakken

In recognizing the challenges for the Bakken, fast schedules, limited field staff, changing designs, and trying to remain cost competitive became evident that IEC 61850 would be a proper fit.  During brainstorming sessions, IEC 61850 appeared to provide a decrease in cost and construction time to bring substations online.  Over the course of the past 3 years this was proven by data ... More

Business Case

Why GOOSE is Just the Tip of the Iceberg - A holistic view on IEC 61850 business case

Although nuclear power is very clean, the storage of waste and political pressure are resulting in the death of many of these plants.  For example, the state of California has one on the most advanced states in the US for renewable penetration. Their proliferation of solar and wind farms to residential roof top panels has introduced additional challenges to the electric utility from the... More


FITNESS - Future Intelligent Transmission NEtwork SubStation

FITNESS is a 4-year innovation project awarded funding under the Network Innovation Competition (NIC) mechanism by the GB Regulator, Ofgem, due to conclude in 2020. SP Energy Networks (SPEN) is the part of Scottish Power UK plc, which owns and operates the electricity transmission and distribution network of southern Scotland and the electricity distribution network of Merseyside and North Wa... More

Legal Issue

Harassment in the Workplace

While one's office environment can often be a stressful place due to purely work related matters, other issues, mandated by law, or just due to common sense, may become a problem for fellow coworkers. What we plan to address in our next several issues, are concerns we should all keep in mind, about the very unpleasant matter of harassment in the work place.  Further, it is crucial tha... More

IEC 61850 EAU

What Drives the Business Case for IEC 61850?

New parts are continuously being published as 61850 reaches across the transmission grid to generation sources, and out onto today’s DG-equipped distribution feeders.  I’m not being profound in forecasting that IEC 61850, as opposed to eventually being finished, must grow and branch forever to support the operation of our rapidly-evolving grids and businesses. To grasp the b... More

The Guru

Interview with PACWorld guru Vladimir Shuin from Russia

PAC World:  When and where were you born? V.S.: I was born on February 20, 1946 in Vladivostok. PAC World:  Where did you go to school and is there something special about it? V.S.: The first three years I went to an elementary school in Vladivostok. Then my family moved to Ivanovo and I went to a high polytechnic school (11 years of education) and graduated in 1964 with a... More


Protection History

In the last issues the road to IEC 61850 was described in detail. We started to explain the implementation history of several vendors. This will be continued and finalized within this article. The information is based on selected material and statements provided by the different vendors or is taken from the Internet. Naturally this article makes no claim for completeness. Vendors’ infor... More

I Think

The Internet of (bad) Things

We are connecting more and more devices to networks. In 2012 there were already approximately 8.7 billion devices connected worldwide. By the year 2020 it is expected that more than 50 billion devices will be connected. This exponential growth is stimulated by the increasing availability of devices that can be connected in combination with a growing interest of people in connected solutions... More

Industry Reports

FITNESS Stakeholder Event 2016

 Glasgow, Scotland, UK by Priyanka Mohapatra, SP Energy Networks, UK   ScottishPower Energy Networks is part of the Iberdrola Group, a global energy company and world leader in wind energy. It operates in the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity, energy management and supply of electricity in the UK. SP Energy Networks (SPEN), a part ... More

Conference Reports

3rd Protection, Automation & Control World Americas Conference

  The 3rd PACWAC was held 30 August - 1 September 2016, in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. The third annual PAC World Americas conferences was held once again at the Raleigh Convention Center, Raleigh, USA. The opening of the conference was followed by the Keynote address "The Future of Electricity - PAC challenges of today and tomorrow”, presented by Jonathan Sykes, Senior Manag... More

Australian Protection Symposium (APS), Melbourne

  The Protection Symposium was held 16-17 August 2016in Melbourne, Australia. The tenth APS was held at the Melbourne Park Function Center. It is an annual event with an interactive format designed to provide an open forum for discussions of the challenges and accomplishments of the PAC industry in Australia and the region. The paper and panel sessions have been traditional since the beg... More

CIGRE Session 2016, Paris, France

  The 46th CIGRE Session was held in the Palais de Congres de Paris (Congress Palace) in Paris, France from 21 to 26 August 2016. This is one of the major global events for the electric power industry, which brought more than three thousand delegates and a total of more than eight thousand specialists from 93 countries and all continents around the world. The conference program on Mon... More

Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Europe (ISGT) 2016

  ISGT Europe was held 9-12 October 2016, in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Europe conference was held at the CD - Congress Center Ljubljana in Slovenia. The conference was preceded by a day of tutorials followed by a Welcome reception on Sunday. The opening of the conference was followed by a panel session including Damir Novosel, President of... More

Western Protective Relay Conference 2016, Spokane, USA

  The 43rd annual Western Protective Relay Conference 2016 was held 18-20 October 2016 at the Spokane Convention Center in Spokane, Washington, USA. The conference is organized by Washington State University as an educational forum for electric power systems protection and control specialists predominantly from the United States to discuss a broad range and aspects of protective relayi... More

Book Review

The IT Payoff

IEC 61850 is a revolutionary technology for the protection, automation and control of the electric power industry that allows the digitalization of the interfaces with the process and the computerization of the engineering, operations and maintenance. It brings communications and information technology to the core of the energy business. However, like any new technology, it requires signifi... More


Photography - more than technology

by Heiko Englert, Siemens, Germany My first contact with a camera must have been by the age of four. There is an image that shows me with a Kodak pocket camera in front of my eye and pressing the shutter. But I am sure there wasn't a film inside the camera because I never discovered the image I was supposed to shot with my father as a photographer. During my childhood and until the end of m... More

Final Thoughts
If we look at the world around us, we will see that there are many similarities between different domains. Being a winner in any field requires specific qualities and a lot of efforts to master the skills to make you a winner. Let us take as an example one of the most prestigious sporting events - The America’s Cup. First contested in 1851, it is the biggest prize in yachting and the... More

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