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Here is my response to Maik's article (Time – Sensitive Networking (TSN) IEC 61850 Substation Automation Networks, published in the June 2016 issue of the PAC World magazine):

"Deterministic operation is important for critical applications to guarantee that data are delivered within a maximum time - or flagged as invalid. Deterministic behavior of networks is described in IEC TR 61850-90-12.

IEC 61850 offers today a deterministic transmission especially for the Process Bus (IEC 62439-3 §5.3.7).  In an HSR ring, all HSR nodes start periodically the transmission of critical data (Sampled Values) upon a microsecond-precise clock signal supplied by the Power Utility Precision Time Profile (IEC/IEEE 61850-9-3). Nodes delay the transmission of sporadic data (MMS, FTP, etc...) if these would overlap a periodic phase.

While several communication systems on the market (among them TSN) claim deterministic behavior, transmission determinism is only a pre-condition to achieve end-to-end determinism: for instance, the access of the application to the communication memory and the application behavior must also be deterministic.  How this can be done appears in IEC 61375, which defines the transmission of critical data on-board rail vehicles."

Prof. Dr. Hubert Kirrmann

PAC World:
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