December 2017 Issue
If we consider a three phase transmission line connecting two substations as a line with simple configuration, we can say that everything else is a line with a complex configuration. They all have some characteristic that presents challenges to the typical distance protection based non-communications schemes. The good news is that technology is ... More


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Industry News

CIGRE B5 Award Outstanding Service Award

The Strategic Advisory Group (SAG) of CIGRE SC B5 has accepted the nomination of Dr. Alexander Apostolov from the United States of America to receive the Outstanding Service Award from SC B5 in recognition of his contribution, commitment and dedication to CIGRE Study Committee B5 - Protection and Automation. The award ceremony was held during the dinner of SC B5, on September 14, 2017, du... More

Comprehensive busbar testing with OMICRON's RelaySimTest v2.1

Almost 30% of misoperations in protection systems are caused by incorrect settings, logic and design errors. At this point system-based protection testing comes into play for validating the accuracy of the busbar protection within the whole protection system. With the latest 2.1 version of RelaySimTest the capabilities for comprehensive busbar testing have been completed. For exam... More

Copa-Data - Quick location of statuses and errors

Quick location of statuses and errors COPA-DATA’s energy automation software zenon supports a new option for combining data from geoinformation systems (GIS) and zenon visualization. With the GIS editor and GIS control, users can display electricity grids in the zenon visualization in geographical mapping material. Current statuses, such as alarms, are shown on the map directly. Anoth... More

DNV GL issues FIRST PTP verification report to GE Energy

GE Energy Connections’ Grid Solutions business is the first company in the world to receive a Precision Time Protocol (PTP) functional and performance verification report, issued by DNV GL. GE receives the report for their DS AGILE system (supported by the upcoming switch H49 and the Bay Control Unit C264). A PTP verified device gives network operators better trust in their power system o... More

GE's Reason DR6C Delivers powerful digital fault recording

GE’s Reason DR60 is a single, powerful recording device for disturbance and post fault analysis. The Reason DR60 is flexible and scalable, capable of supporting up to 32 analog inputs, up to 96 binary inputs and up to 48 binary outputs. Such channel density in one compact device reduces the panel space requirements and relay room footprint. For complex schemes, multiple devices can be ne... More

IEC 61850 "plug fest" and Training

UCA International and Entergy Corporation sponsored the first North America IEC 61850 Interoperability Testing “plug fest” and training in New Orleans October 12-18, 2017. This was the fourth IOP since 2011 and was the most ambitious. Entergy, the local utility company has been evaluating the IEC 61850 standard and has piloted a multivendor system in a substation in New Orleans. Enter... More

Integrating IEC 62351-6 and IEC 62351-9 Security in SAS

SoC-e has released a comprehensive solution to integrate SAS specific cyber security features within IEDs, merging units and in other specific equipment. This solution is composed by a hardware IP for FPGAs that implements IEC 62351-6 mechanisms to secure strict real-time traffic and by a software platform that implements IEC 62351-9 Key Management. The IP ensures wire-speed operation t... More

New broad range mode earth fault protection from Arcteq

The increased medium voltage cabling, distributed power generation and compensated networks (Petersen coil), has led to new challenges in earth-fault protection of distribution feeders. Relying on conventional protection methods may lead to either nuisance trips of healthy feeders or undetected faults in faulty feeders. To meet the new network requirements Arcteq has developed a new broad rang... More

RTDS Technologies - Record-breaking power system simulator at NARI/SGEPRI

Record-breaking power system simulator at NARI/SGEPRI RTDS Technologies has been selected as the provider of a record-breaking expansion project to the real time power system simulation laboratory at NARI Group Corporation / State Grid Electric Power Research Institute in China. The project will give NARI/SGEPRI the world’s largest and most capable real time power system simulator, capab... More

Tekron - Multiport Time Server

The NTS 03-G Plus is a fully customizable satellite reference clock which references GPS & GLONASS networks. It meets the demanding precision and reliability requirements of the electric power industry. Tekron clocks are designed with GNSS spoofing mitigation in mind. The NTS 03-G+ avoids spoofing attacks by detecting them and reverting to its stable atomic oscillator for holdover until the at... More

Technology News

Global Xpress Network - high-speed broadband connectivity

Global Xpress (GX) has been delivering seamless, high-speed broadband connectivity all around the world since December 2015. The GX constellation is now made up of four Ka-band, high-speed mobile broadband communications satellites, following the launch of Inmarsat-5 F4. Each I-5 satellite is expected to have a commercial life of 15 years. The I-5 satellites operate with a combination of f... More

Cover Story

Impact of IEC 61850 on the protection of lines with complex configuration

We can define the transmission lines in two major categories: Simple Complex The transmission lines with simple configuration are single three phase transmission line which are either overhead or underground cable from end to end. They may have a single source at one end or sources at both ends of the line. Even that these lines have simple configuration, they can have different ... More

IEC 61850 Update

IEC 61850-6 What is new?

At the end of October, the FDIS of the Amendment 1 of IEC 61850-6 has been approved. From the core parts of the standard, this is the first one that will be released as Edition 2.1. The official released document is the first amendment of Ed 2 of IEC 61850-6; but for convenience, the consolidated version (Ed 2 incorporating the amendment) will be published as well and this will be called Ed 2.1. ... More

Lessons Learned

87L Application on Long Transmission Line with Series Capacitor Banks and Shunt Reactors

A shunt reactor is a passive device connected at the ends of the long EHV transmission line or much shorter HV cable for controlling the line voltage profile by compensating line shunt capacitance. The benefits of application of shunt reactors are summarized below: Limit voltage rise to desired margin and contribute to the voltage stability of the system Reduce overvoltage ... More

PSRC Update


The following awards were announced/issued during the September IEEE PES PSRC Main Committee Meeting on 9/14/17:  PSRC Service Awards:  Bronze Service Awards for 15 Years of Service to the PSRC were awarded to Rafael Garcia and Oscar Bolado Silver Service Awards for 25 Years of Service to the PSRC were awarded to Raluca Lascu, Bruce A. Pickett, Roger Ray, Sam Sciacca, To... More

System-based Testing

System Based Testing of Complex Line Protection

Instead of discussing the test of one specific complex line protection scheme, we will introduce system-based testing as a general tool that is especially well-suited for a simpler, yet more meaningful, test of a complex line protection. We will show the application of system-based testing and share errors that were found during real world commissioning.  Causes for Misoperations T... More

Legal Issue

Independent Contractor: to be, or not to be...

In previous issues, we have covered a myriad of topics pertaining to employee and employer concerns. We will now switch our focus to a crucial issue for both sides: are you actually an employee?? In our first article on this subject, we will begin by addressing the classification of how an employee is labeled, and the difference between an independent contractor versus an actual employee.... More

Hybrid Transmission Lines

Tackling the Challenges of Hybrid Transmission Line - New Methodologies

Due to right-of-way issues, a segment of the new 500 kV transmission line, approximately 4 miles long, had to be routed under the city of Chino Hills, located in southwestern San Bernardino, California. This meant mixing overhead and underground conductors in one transmission line. The inclusion of underground cables caused the transmission line to draw significant charging current and cre... More

The Guru

Interview with PACWolrd guru Roger Ray, USA

PAC World:  When and where were you born? R.R.: I was born in McConnellsburg, a small farming community in south central Pennsylvania on January 1943. PAC World:  Where did you go to school? R.R.: I received my BS in Electrical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University and an MS in Electrical Engineering from New Jersey Institute of Engineering. PAC World:  ... More


Protection History

As shown in Figure 1 the test was performed with 50A which was 10 times the nominal current. The testing is now done at considerably higher currents and an accurate automatic timer has replaced the stop watch and signal lamp. Furthermore, additional testing circuits have been provided, and the test connections are made to give a more complete check on the condition of the relay circuit... More

I Think

Artificial Intelligence: A new life form taking over the world

In recent weeks the Government of Dubai announced the appointment of a State Minister for Artificial Intelligence, highlighting the importance of the development of artificial intelligence is taking on the city’s agenda for the future. As I have stated in previous columns, the use of technology for good can be a wonderful thing and the use of ever more powerful computer systems can gre... More

Industry Reports

Brazilian Disturbance 2/3/2016

At 08:15 am the 500 kV line #3 between Tucuruí and Vila do Conde was correctly tripped by Main 1 and 2 protections because of a single phase to ground short circuit at Tucuruí, as a consequence of a CT failure followed by its explosion and fire. Figure 1 illustrates the CT location: Five seconds later, the faulted line was automatically reclosed at Tucuruí by the circuit ... More

Conference Reports

2017 IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies, Quito, Ecuador

IEEE PES ISGT-LA 2017 was held 20-22 September 2017, in Quito Ecuador. The IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Latin America 2017 conference venue was the JW Marriott Hotel Quito, Ecuador. The conference was opened by Damir Novosel, IEEE PES President, US and Medardo Cadena, Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy, Ecuador The theme of the Conference was “Opportu... More

4th Protection, Automation & Control World Americas Conference

The fourth annual PAC World Americas conferences was held 29-31 August, 2017, in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. The 4th PACWAC for North, Central and South America took place at the Raleigh Convention Center. The event was preceded by vendors’ seminars or workshops organized on Monday. The opening of the conference was followed by the Keynote address by Louis Martin Vega, Dean of ... More

Advanced Power System Automation and Protection (APAP) 2017

The 7th International APAP took place 16-19 October 2017 in Jeju, Korea. The 7th International Conference on Advanced Power System Automation and Protection (APAP 2017) was held at the Hyatt Regency Jeju hotel, in Jeju, Korea. The conference is a forum for discussion of innovative technologies, new developments and various creative ideas, which made a big contribution to the developme... More

CIGRE B5 Colloquium, Auckland, New Zealand

The CIGRE Study Committee B5 (Protection and Automation) colloquium was held in Auckland, New Zealand, 10-15 September 2017. The Business Conference Centre facility, Owen G Glenn Building, at the University of Auckland was the venue for the event. The Colloquium was preceded by different CIGRE SC B5 working group and advisory group meetings, as well as a half-day tutorial on Power Syste... More

IEC 61850 Europe, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The theme was Multi-Vendor Multi-Edition IEC 61850 Implementation & Operation. The 4th Annual IEC 61850 Europe Conference, Exhibition and Networking Forum took place 26-28 September 2017 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The Novotel Amsterdam City was the conference venue. This year’s program explored the opportunities and challenges presented by advanced multi-vendor multi-edition i... More

Western Protective Relay Conference 2017, Spokane, USA

The 44th WPRC was held at the Spokane Convention Center, and was organized by Washington State University. This event allows participants to discuss the latest protection and control technologies and their applications. The papers selected covered different aspects of protection: transmission, distribution, generator and motor with some papers being more theoretical and others applicatio... More

Book Review

Transmission Line Protection Using Digital Technology

First Edition Series:  Energy Systems in Electrical Engineering Transmission lines at different voltage levels are traditionally protected by distance protection relays. They have been serving for many decades as a reliable protection tool. However, when we move to the extra high voltage level and start looking at the challenges that lines with complex configuration, such as double c... More


Bridge ? not just another card game

I like to play tennis, I like to paint, I like photography, I like to work on IEC 61850 and many others. But because there are just four pages for the Hobby article, I am just going to talk about another one - playing Bridge. When we grow up we learn many of our skills playing different games. At the time when I was growing up we didn’t have computers, laptops, tablets or smart ph... More

Final Thoughts
When we talk about transmission lines with complex configuration we typically think of double circuit lines, three-terminal or hybrid lines, line-transformer or other configurations. More complex configurations are the result of mixing of the above. One such example is NYSEG's six-phase line which was energized in July 1992 and was operated for three years. One of the main advantages of... More

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