Cigre Study Committee B5

by Rannveig Loken, Norway

News from Cigre Study Committee B5   Protection and Automation

During the Cigre Study Committee B5 (SC B5) meeting in Paris 2016, 5 new working groups were suggested. The following groups were approved by the Technical Committee chairman in January 2017:

  • WG B5.60 Protection, Automation and Control Architectures with Functionality Independent of Hardware. The convener of this working group is Alexander Voloshin from Russia
  • JWG B5/C4.61 Impact of Low Inertia Network on Protection and Control. The convener of this working group is Ray Zhang from Great Britain
  • WG B5.62 Life Cycle Testing of Synchrophasor Based Systems used for Protection, Monitoring and Control. The convener of this working group is Mladen Kezunovic from USA
  • WG B5.63 Protection, Automation and Control System Asset Management. The convener of this working group is Massimo Petrini from Italy
  • WG B5.64 Methods for Specification of Functional Requirements of Protection, Automation, and Control. The convener of this working group is Iony Patriota de Siqueira from Brazil

The tutorial "Power system with highly distributed energy resources" during the Cigre SC B5 colloquium in Auckland 2017, covered the following topics:

  • Power system architecture with distributed energy resources: Example New Zealand; Rebecca Shaw (New Zealand)
  • Impact by more inverter based power penetration on protection and control; Hans-Joachim Herrmann (Germany)
  • Overview about the issues and the technical solutions: Challenges with the integration of Distributed Energy Resources in electric power grids; Alexander Apostolov (USA)

The Preferential subjects for the Cigre SC B5 colloquium in Auckland 2017 discussed the following subjects:

  • PS1 - Challenges of design and maintenance of IEC 61850 based systems:
    • Interoperability on PACS level for IED, Merging Units, time synchronization and com-munication networks
    • Requirements facilitating IED replacements and PACS extensions
    • PACS configuration management including SCL handling and IED- and switch con-figuration
    • Special Reporter was Dr. Volker Leitloff RTE from France
  • PS2 - Protection issues in modern power systems with renewable generation and storage
    • Modelling of inverter-based sources for protection and automation
    • Recommendations for the short circuit response of inverter-based sources
    • Protection challenges and solutions for applications near non-conventional sources
    • Special Reporter was Dr. Bogdan Kasztenny (CA) SEL, Canada
  • PS3 - The Impact on Protection and Control from Working Existing Assets Harder
    • Refurbishment strategies of PAC Systems
    • Series compensation
    • Dynamic/flexible line rating & climatic conditions
    • Special Reporters was George Horvath, AECOM, and Peter Bishop TRANSPOWER, both from New Zealand

Dr. Alex Apostolov (USA) received the SC B5 Outstanding Service Award for 2017 during the Joint CIGRE Banquet.

The following Preferential subjects will be discussed during the Cigre session in Paris 2018:

  • PS 1 - Protection under system emergency conditions:
    • Emergency loading, load shedding and islanding, practices and experiences
    • System oscillation detection and out of step / pole slipping techniques
    • Thermal protection
  • PS 2 - User experience and current practice with IEC 61850 process bus:
    • Interoperability between merging units, stand alone and associated to NCIT, and Protection functions
    • Experience from FAT, SAT, commissioning and maintenance of process bus based equipment and functions
    • Use of process bus for metering and monitoring of HV equipment.


During the Cigre SC B5 meeting in Auckland 2017, it was decided that the next SC B5 Colloquium will be held in Tromso in Norway. The last week of June 2019 was suggested.
After the Paris session 2018 the new chair of SC B5 will be Ms Rannveig J. S. Loken. She is now the secretary of SC B5. 



Rannveig J. S. Loken received her Bachelor of Science in Microelectronics from Trondheim University College in 1990, and her Master of Science in Electric Power engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in 1992. She works in Statnett, the TSO of Norway, and has been the Head of Section for the Control and Protection system since 2007. In August 2012, she became the secretary of Cigre SC B5. Her special field of interest is protection and control for the transmission system.
She is currently the project manager in Statnett for a R&D project related to Digital substation.
In addition, working in Cigre Working groups is of great interest - she is currently a member of WG B5.53.
Rannveig is in the Advisory board of PAC world, Committee member of DPSP, and Member of the International Advisory Committee APAP.

Relion advanced protection & control.
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