Industrial Wireless Technologies and their Applications for Protection Automation & Monitoring

Authors: Palak Parikh, Justin Smith, and Michael Pilon, GE Grid Solutions


Palak Parikh has been with GE Grid Solutions as a product R&D application engineer for the past 6 years. She pursued her PhD at the University of Western Ontario, Canada and her Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Electrical Engineering in India.  Palak has proven expertise in Distribution Automation, Power System Protection, & Microgrid Solutions. She has authored more than 25 international journal and conference papers and is a member of the IEEE Smart Distribution Committee.

Justin Smith is a Principal Engineer/Architect with GE Industrial Communications (GE MDS). He has 22 years of experience in wireless product design and development. He has led teams creating both hardware and software through product requirements, technical specification, development, test, and transition to manufacturing. Justin holds a BSEE and MSEE with a concentration in communications and signal processing. His current focus areas include Internet of Things (IOT) and industrial applications running on edge devices.

Michael Pilon is the Senior R&D Engineering Manager for Distribution and Industrial programs at General Electric. He has been with General Electric since 1997. In his 20-year career at GE, he held several positions in product engineering and program management starting from hardware design to entire industrial R&D program management. His responsibilities included electronic hardware design, EMC/EMI compliance, product reliability testing and enhancements, IEC 61850 product interoperability, and managing the product development teams. From voice of customer to product manufacturing, he has been involved in every phase of the product development cycle. Michael holds an Honors Diploma in Electrical Engineering.

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