Wireless Communication Systems

Wireless Communication Systems Supporting IEC 61850 Applications

by Andre Smit  and Suraj Chanda, Siemens Industry, Inc., USA, and Terry Fix, Dominion Energy, Richmond, USA

Wireless communication is not a medium used extensively by protection engineers in their protection and control systems designs and applications. The reason is that engineers would only trust a direct wire connection to transmit information from one relay to another. In the 80's Fiber optic was extensively deployed and used for line differential applications on short feeders transmitting phasor data between 2 or 3 relays. Later we also used high-speed high bandwidth Sonnet systems to provide relay to relay communication. For POTT and DTT applications copper lines were used to transmit information from device to device. The installed cost for direct fiber was greatly mitigated when we could get leased telephone lines from Telekom providers. More

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