Final Thoughts

Asking the Right Questions

As we can see from the different articles in this issue of the magazine, there are many different ways that we can use communications for a variety of protection, automation and control applications.

In order to take advantage of the advances in communication technology in the most efficient way, we need to select the right technology to meet the requirements of a specific application. We can achieve this goal by first asking some questions. The right questions, that will help us find the answers and design the best possible protection, automation and control system. The questions to ask can vary in their details from one specific use case to another, but we can summarize them in a list that looks something like that:

  •    What do we need to protect?
  •    What are the possible fault or failure conditions?
  •    How quickly do we need to clear the fault or reduce the impact of the faulty condition?
  •    Where is the protected object located?
  •    What is the infrastructure of the existing communications?
  •    Can it be used for our application?
  •    Can it meet the requirements of our application?
  •    What different technology we can use to improve the performance of the system?
  •    What is the impact of a failure in the communications system on the behavior of the PAC system under abnormal electric  power system conditions?

Our experience shows that in the process of asking in sufficient detail the above and many other similar questions, we can usually find the answer.

But asking the RIGHT questions is not that simple and requires a good level of understanding of the domains that the questions are applied to. We hope that reading the articles in this issue will help you ask and answer them.   

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