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The "Star of Laufenburg"

IEEE Milestones in Electrical Engineering and Computing

The substation of Laufenburg in Switzerland is today one of the largest substations in Europe, connecting the electrical networks of multiple countries. This was the place where for the first time electrical power networks from different countries were interconnected: in 1958, the electrical power networks of Switzerland, France and Germany were connected through the substation of Laufenburg. The Union for Production and Transmission of Electricity (now UCTE) was formed to manage this interconnection. More

IEC Functional Standards for measuring relays and protection equipment

The world of electrical power is one of those industries that at first glance seems to be something that just never changes.  The community now expects the ability to connect renewable energy sources, avoid unlimited expansion of the grid capacity and want ultimate reliability improvements – but what’s new? 

So, what is the role of an organization like CIGRE?  Why is it relevant?  Why is it essential for more organizations and people to get involved?  CIGRE Australia has one of the largest memberships worldwide and the Australian Panel B5 Protection & Automation is highly valued for its contribution, so it might be useful to review just what does CIGRE AP B5 do? More

Let?s start with organization in protection testing