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GOOSE Enabled Automatic Bus Transfer Scheme

Automatic bus transfer is the practice of transferring a load bus to an alternate source when the normal power supply fails or is tripped thus ensuring continuity of supply. To limit fault levels, in certain situations the existing transformers will need to be run in split instead of parallel operation. However, during outages if one transformer is lost, or due to sub-transmission circuit outages, overloading of remaining transformers may occurs. This article discusses an automatic bus transfer scheme that has been implemented in Vector - New Zealand’s largest electricity distribution company. Vector has been using IEC 61850 for over six years and now more than 50% of primary substations are equipped with compliant IEDs. If a transformer is lost and conditions are determined to be safe, the bus section CB will be closed automatically after the incomer circuit breaker trips. This scheme utilizes inter relay communication based on the IEC 61850 standard.


BeijingSifang June 2016