Industry News

ABB - RelionĀ® 615 series solution

ABB Relion® 615 series with pilot wire modems for line differential protection applications offers an ideal solution for retrofitting existing electromechanical relays with genuine IEC 61850 devices. With the genuine IEC 61850 IEDs, power system protection and control can now be retrofitted in chosen steps at bay level, substation level or in remote network systems. The new solutio... More

Alstom - Grid Expertise

Alstom launches the new 2011 issue of the Network Protection and Automation Guide, with the accolade of the Universities of Bath and Manchester each signing deals to procure 400 copies.  The Universities, based in England, are front-runners in the teaching of Electrical Power Systems programmes, with the book to be used as protection course reference material. In this ethos of ex... More


Ametek - Broadband Multiplexer AMETEK announces the commercial launch of its Broadband Multiplexer (BB FOCUS), now with multiple T1/E1 stream support. BB FOCUS uses a packet processor to convert various individual analog and digital channels to packets for transmission over the internal or external GigE networks. When BB FOCUS is equipped with any of the optional 8 T1/E1 p... More

European Smart Grids - from innovation to deployment

On 12 April 2011, the European Commission has adopted the Communication "Smart Grids: from innovation to deployment". It sets policy directions to drive forward the deployment of future European electricity networks. Bringing together latest progress in Information and Communication technologies and network development will allow electricity current to flow exactly where and when it is n... More

Price Reduced on IEC 61850 Option for SEL Products

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. (SEL) has reduced the price for its IEC 61850 option. The new price is the result of strong sales for protection, automation, control, and communications solutions within diverse international markets. IEC 61850 technology, Ethernet networking, and high reliability combine to optimize: station computing protection automation c... More

PTL Now Supporting 250 Relay Models

Many new relays added to OMICRON's protection testing library The OMICRON PTL (Protection Testing Library) provides test templates for a wide range of protection relays. These templates contain customizable test plans covering all important protection functions and XRIO Converters for modeling the relay in the test software. Using the PTL allows considerable time savings as test plans a... More

SecuControl Introduces

Line of GPS Master Clocks and Time Distributors SecuControl presents a complete line of satellite synchronized clocks. The new GPS clocks deliver a robust time reference for use in a wide range of utility and industrial applications. A broad range of models is available - ranging from rack size high-end GPS master clocks to compact, DIN-rail mount time distributors. The ... More

Toshiba announces MV directional relay for GRE series

Toshiba announces the launch of GRE140, a new member of the low-cost, high-quality and compact GRE-Series of multi-function relays for protection and control applications in MV networks. The GRE140 - a numerical directional overcurrent protection device, provides four-stage directional overcurrent and earth fault elements augmenting the  basic protection functions offered in the GRE110, ... More

Update of Hirschmann? HiLCOS WLAN Firmware

Belden has announced the release of HiLCOS 8.50, a new version of its established WLAN firmware from the Hirschmann™ product range. Like its predecessors, this firmware is fully compliant with the European 5 GHz standard (EN 301893 V1.5.1). New to this firmware version, however, is that it permits access points and clients to be integrated into Profinet and Ethernet/IP netw... More

Technology News

RFID - Radio-frequency identification

Radio-frequency identification is a radio waves communication based technology using the exchange of data between an electronic tag attached to an object and a reader that finds many applications in different domains for identification and tracking. Léon Theremin's 1945 spy invention is considered the grandfather of RFID technology. With the continuous improvements in technolog... More

Smart Pens - moving handwriting into the digital domain

We all know the PAC specialist are creative people that may engage in technical discussions at any time and location, when they don't have a laptop to record their ideas or the results from the arguments. That is why many of us may find a useful tool in the smart pens that have been available for several years. The second generation of this technology and the applications developed ... More

Toshiba SEDs - Self-Encrypting Hard Drives

The increased requirements for cyber security are not only related to wide area communications, but to the handling and storage of sensitive data. Considering the huge amounts of data that will be stored in the future, especially with the wider spread of multifunctional Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) and Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs), securing this data will become a critical ta... More
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