Thomas Schossig

Thomas Schossig (IEEE) received his master's degree in Electrical Engineering at the Technical University of Ilmenau (Germany) in 1998. He worked as a project engineer for control systems and as a team leader for protective relaying at VA TECH SAT in Germany from 1998 until 2005.
In 2006 he joined OMICRON electronics as a product manager for substation
communication products.
He is author of several papers and a member of standardization Working Groups.

Thomas loves researching and is interested in history. He also enjoys traveling.

Linda Stensrud

Linda Stensrud is from Norway.  She has a bachelor in electric technology.  Linda finished school in 2003 at the age of 28, because of traveling and working with Arabian horses in Spain, USA and Germany.  As of today, Linda works at Jacobsen elektro (JEL) in Norway and she is occupied with control systems.  JEL got a contract for the TSO in Norway to build a pilot digital substation that had to be finished in the autumn of 2017.  Linda finds her work very interesting and very educational.

Linda grew up with dogs and she has always loved animals. She started riding horses at the age of seven, but her real passion are dogs. She loves doing agility - a team work between the dog and the handler.
(You can read more on the subject in the Hobby section of this issue of the PACWorld magazine.)

Hao Guo

Hao Guo received the bachelor Engineering degree and Ph. D degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Manchester, United Kingdom. He is currently a smart grid research engineer in Power Networks Demonstration Center at the University of Strathclyde, UK. He has collaborated with manufacturers and utilities and worked on several smart grid projects. He is a member of IET and has a good knowledge and experience in Protection, Control and Communication
within power substations.

Hao loves exercising, and in his leisure time he enjoys hiking in the mountains of Camsie Glen.

Bharadwaj Vasudevan

Bharadwaj Vasudevan graduated from North Carolina State University with a master’s degree in power systems and joined ABB as an Application Engineer for Protection, Control and Automation systems. He started his career in power systems with Areva T&D India Ltd.  He has worked on various EHV substation design projects throughout India. Currently he is working out of New Jersey as the Regional Technical Manager for ABB Power Grids, North East US.  In the last six years Bharadwaj has been involved in numerous IEC 61850 projects across the United States.

When not working he likes to read, travel, hike, run, play racquet ball and carrom board.

Power. Flexible. Easergy.
BeijingSifang June 2016