Lessons Learned

Latency Measurements in Digital grids

by Fred Steinhauser, OMICRON electronics GmbH, Austria

The time performance of protection and automation systems was always a crucial topic. One very important aspect of the performance of protection systems was testing the trip times in the first place. Besides the speed of the protection algorithms itself, other contributors as debouncing filters and contact delays were well known.  With the proliferation of IEC 61850, the communication services GOOSE and Sampled Values are applied for mission critical real-time messaging. The time delays induced by the communication components, which can be the processing times in the communication stacks in the protection and automation devices and the transmission times in the communication networks, are now affecting the performance. Thus, it is desirable or even necessary to know about this timing performance. This must be regarded when designing such a system and finally it has to be verified by measurements. More

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