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ATOP's NTS7500 Series

The grandmaster clock is equipped with a Stratum 1 NTP (Network Time Protocol) server, which communicates with a Stratum 0 clock in a direct one-on-one connection The NTS7500 embeds a high precision, multi-system Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) module that supports GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU and GALILEO GNSS Systems. It is fitted with a GNSS antenna and is connected to the substation... More

Compare Models with the latest release of SCL Navigator

Triangle MicroWorks has released a new version of SCL Navigator that now allows you to compare models to verify changes to SCL as files are updated and propagated through the IEC 61850 Engineering Process. Significant time and effort are wasted when incorrect files are used.  The Model Comparison in SCL Navigator allows an independent verification of files to save time and valuable ... More

COPA-DATA releases zenon 8.20

COPA-DATA continues to improve the zenon Software Platform. Cyber Security as well as efficient engineering have been key aspects of the newest release of the automation software. Energy applications can now rely on IEC 62351-3 cybersecurity for major protocols IEC 61850, IEC 60870 and DNP3. One highlight of version 8.20 is Smart Objects. This significantly improves the fast realization ... More

COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) and its impact on the PAC community

The Covid-19 Pandemic is here and in just a few months has dramatically changed the ways the world works and we live our lives. We had so many plans for the coming months - conferences, seminars, working group meetings, team meetings, project meeting, etc., etc. And now all of this has changed. Many conferences are cancelled or postponed. Some are trying to do them in a virtual format. ... More

Faulted Transformer Model for Enhanced

Protection Testing The RTDS® Simulator’s new faulted transformer model is an advanced real-time transformer model for enhanced protection testing. The model is based on a terminal duality equivalent and addresses common engineering challenges with the popular star equivalent circuit. The model is more realistic and practically accurate, better representing physical leakages,... More

GE's Lentronics(TM) JunglePAX

GE’s Lentronics™ JunglePAX is a purpose-built communications solution specifically designed for utility operations, providing the required security and dependability through layers of redundancy. The platform is based on MPLS-TP (Multi-protocol Label Switching with Transport Profile) technology, that maintains deterministic performance through packet-based communications to pr... More

GridClone SimFlexTM Performance Testing Platform

GridClone introduced SimFlexTM Performance Testing Platform with new PTB device and extension or renown Client Simulator and SCL Checker applications. The Performance Testing Platform enables detail and/or (pre)conformance testing of IEC 61850 GOOSE and SV implementations. It provides high precision recording for validation of time performance and unique and flexible publishing capa... More

Move forward and leave nothing behind with HPS/RFL

The eXmux® 4500 Multi-Service Access & Transport (MSAT) platform is designed and engineered to address the challenges of network migration and infrastructure upgrades for power utilities.  The solution bridges the gap between legacy and modern technologies and provides utilities with the confidence to move forward and leave nothing behind.  Whether it’s reliability and ... More

New Network Monitoring Features for HSR/PRP

HSR/PRP networks’ success is resulting in larger Ethernet networks with a higher number of nodes that demand new management tools. In response to these requirements, RELYUM has developed the new Network Nodes feature, an enhanced tool to support system engineers in the configuration and maintenance of their networks. This new tool monitors the correct behavior of all the HSR/PRP devi... More

Optimized Power Modules and ADMO Light

The new version of OMICRON’s comprehensive protection testing software, Test Universe 4.2, again improves its ease of use and implements additional customer requirements. For example, input options for entering criteria for automatic ramp assessment have been extended and simplified, while the power view now displays the trip during ramping. The ADMO “light” version o... More
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