David Elizondo

David Elizondo, PhD., is a Principal Advisor with more than 18 years of electric power systems experience. He has a broad range of experience in electric power transmission planning. Dr. Elizondo is the project manager for the PMU visualization project for Dominion. He has a Masters and PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech and has Mechanical and a Electrical Engineering Bachelor degree from the ITESM in Mexico.

David Elizondo enjoys singing and playing the guitar while not at work. This picture was taken by Solveig Ward during a social event at the COCIER event in Colombia. David could not resist joining the group of musicians to sing and play known songs within the Latin American community. By playing the guitar David finds an effective way to move from the “thinking world” to the “senses world.”



Yi Hu

Dr. Yi Hu is Director - Wide Area Monitoring, Protection and Control at Quanta Technology. He has over 24 years of experience working with electric utilities and vendors. Prior to joining Quanta Technology, Dr. Hu was a Principal Consultant of KEMA T&D Consulting in US. He has also held various senior engineering positions while with TEKELEC, ABB and NARI.

He is an IEEE Senior Member. He presently holds 13 US and multiple international patents. Yi has published multiple technical papers and articles in Refereed Journals and Conference Proceedings in various areas of power system analysis, protection, automation and control. Dr. Hu has been actively involved in IEEE PES Power System Relaying Committee (PSRC) and North America SynchroPhasor Initiative (NASPI) activities. He is the co-chair of PSRC C15 working group for developing a report for "Design and Test of Selected SIPS", and is an active member of several PSRC working group members. Dr. Hu co-authored the "PMU System Testing and Calibration Guide" for NASPI PSTT.



Jun Wen

Jun Wen is a Senior Power System Engineer at Southern California Edison (SCE) Transmission Strategy and Special Assessment (TSSA). She received her BSEE and MSEE from Tsinghua University in Electrical Engineering, and Ph.D. from University of California with the focus on modern Power Electronics. She has been leading the development of the Centralized RAS project – an IEC 61850 based Wide Area Monitoring and Protection system since 2008, she is also an active member at the WECC Modeling and Validation Working Group. Before joining SCE, she was advisor for One-Cycle Control, Inc. and consultant for Aegis Technology. She has published over thirty technical articles and holds one US and International Patent on multilevel converter topology and applications.

Jun loves sports. Hiking, swimming, snowboarding, and badminton are all her favorite activities with her family and friends.



Jorge Velez

Jorge Velez is a Protections Analyst in XM Filial de ISA -the Colombian system operator. He has 8 years of experience in the field of protection systems as designer, analyst and testing and commissioning engineer. Jorge is currently seeking for a Master Degree in Iowa State University and has a Bachelor Engineering degree from Universidad Nacional de Colombia. After joining XM he continued working in the field of protections applying his knowledge to the systemic perspective. Jorge was also an Assistant Professor in Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana for the under degree program of Electrical Engineering.

Jorge likes basketball, enjoys reading novels and eating Italian food. Additionally, he really enjoys traveling to new places around the world for both work and vacations. During his time in Medellín, he loves sharing time with his family enjoying a good selection of restaurants around the city.


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