Lessons Learned

Global SIPS Experience

(based on the 2009 report created by IEEE PSRC working group C4)

by V. Madani, Pacific Gas & Electric, D. Novosel, Quanta Technology, and M. Adamiak, General Electric, USA

The electric power grid is the "pivot point" that balances generation and load. Maintaining the integrity of this pivot point is imperative for the effective operation of interconnected power systems. The balance of power is as reliable as the weakest element in the system. System-wide disturbances in power systems are a growing issue for the power system industry. When a major disturbance occurs, protection and control actions are required to stop power system degradation, restore the system to a normal state, and minimize the impact of the disturbance. Control center operators must deal with a very complex situation and rely on heuristic solutions and policies. More

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