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Dear Editor,

The December 2013 issue is just fantastic!

It has a very good cover story on ‘Deploying Advanced Technology – Key Success Factors and Applications’ by V. Madani of Pacific Gas and Energy and others, which covers about the journey towards deployment of Synchrophasor Technology, the business case for large scale production grade systems, the roadmap to success, challenges. This is very timely since many utilities and ISOs are moving towards taking this technology into their control center operations!!

I thank PAC World and Dr. Vahid Madani and others for sharing experience to PAC World readers! Looking forward to part 2 of series on this subject.

Sarma (NDR) Nuthalapati, Ph.D, Sr. Member IEEE, Senior Engineer/Analyst
Advanced Network Applications
ERCOT (Electric Reliability Council of Texas)
2705 West Lake Drive
Taylor, TX 76574
Office: (512) 248 4558

Dear PACWorld,
I have few questions regarding the history of the PACWorld Magazine:

a) How many issues were published in the year 2007?
b) When was the first year of publication of the PACWorld Magazine?
c) Is there an ISSN existing for the PACWorld Magazine?

Thank you for a hint.
Best Regards,
Michael Kreienberg

PAC World:
Dear Michael, there were 2 issues of The PACWorld magazine in 2007 and the first one was published in the summer of 2007. The magazine is published quarterly and for the first 3 years the issues were named Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn followed by the appropriate year.

From 2010 up to present day the issues are published as, March, June, September and December followed by the applicable year.
For the moment, the PACWorld magazine doesn’t have an ISSN.

Thank you for the interest expressed, and we hope that this answered your questions.

pac world:

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Advisory Board:

Christoph Brumer (Switzerland), dr. Damir Novosel (USA), Graeme Topham (South Africa), dr. Iony Patriota (Brazil), Jorge Miguel Ordacgi Filho (Brazil), prof.
Mohindar Sachdev (Canada), prof. Paul Lee (Korea), prof. Peter Crossley (UK), Rannveig Loken (Norway), Rodney Hughes (Australia), prof. Xinzhou Dong (China

PAC World (Email: editor@pacw.org)
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