DER Testing

Protection, Automation and Control with DER - Testing Procedures for Distributed Energy Resources

by Thomas Schossig, OMICRON electronics GmbH, Austria

Distributed Energy Resources, especially renewables, are penetrating the electrical grid in all parts of the world. This widespread introduction is forced by low carbon policies, subsidies and regulations in the different countries.  Distributed generation (DG) involves the interconnection of small-scale, on-site distributed energy resources (DER) with the main power utility at distribution voltage level. DERs mainly constitute non-conventional and renewable energy sources like solar PV, wind turbines, fuel cells, small-scale hydro, tidal and wave generators, micro-turbines etc. These generation technologies are being preferred for their high energy efficiency (micro-turbine or fuel cell based CHP systems), low environmental impact (PV, wind, hydro etc.) and their applicability as uninterruptible power supplies to power quality sensitive loads. More

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