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Ever since receiving my very first edition of PAC World Magazine, I have always enjoyed the "GURU" section, learning the detailed history of these industry leaders. As we define the term "GURU" in the essence of PAC World, we often marvel at such a high level of professional contribution and knowledge these individuals have bestowed upon us over the course of many years.

While most focus on this technical expertise, I would like to personally share with the PAC World readers that often times the meaning of "GURU" has a higher level of human element just as big, just as important as the technical expertise. This is why I was so pleased to see the "GURU" selection of Charles (Chuck) Mozina.

I first met Chuck in 1991 at Beckwith Electric, where he was appointed Manager of Protection and Protection Systems. As my new immediate supervisor, and a relative green horn to the industry, I had no idea where this partnership would lead. What I came to learn over the course of my first few months under Chuck was what a wealth of knowledge he had, and how willing he was to share this knowledge with explanations even a newbie could understand!   As my P&C career path led me towards a life in sales and on to another company, Chuck never stopped sharing his wisdom, knowledge, and personal stories, all so colorful.

How fortunate I have been to be associated with Chuck over the course of my career, this person, this "GURU", never failed to teach, understand, and reach out to people with a sense of humanity and kindness few people ever experience. Chuck was and is to this day, my mentor, friend, and a person who helped shape my career in this wonderful industry we work in.

I applaud the PAC World editors for this selection, and remind everyone that "GURU" has a vast meaning to it, and for Chuck, it reaches far beyond the technical expertise.
Thank you Chuck, for the many years of friendship!

Drew Welton

Dear PACWorld,
Thank you very much for publishing my Hobby article in the December 2014 issue of the magazine. You did a great job!

To be correct, I only have one remark: In the Article there is no mention of the caricaturist Albin Rogelj - Bine.  He illustrated my book RIDE, SI SAPIS and he is also the author of cartoon No. 8 and No. 9, published in the article (and not me, as it could be wrongly understood).

Probably I did not emphasize this fact enough, even I mentioned Bine in my mail, dated June 1, 2014. If it is possible to correct this in the next Magazine issue, I would appreciate it a lot.

Bostjan Skorjak

PAC World:  
Dear Bostjan, Sorry for the misunderstanding. Hope that this information will clarify to our readers who the author of caricatures 8 and 9 in the Hobby section of the December 2014 issue of the PAC World magazine is.


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