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Our industry is rapidly changing which demands new and innovative ways of planning and operating, e.g. the integration of distributed energy resources, energy storage, and electrical vehicles. IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) strength and value is in its ability to support membership in creating and implementing new technical ideas and sharing and applying the best practices through collaboration.  IEEE has also been supporting initiatives to provide affordable energy throughout the world and to bring a young generation to our industry through scholarships.

In my role as IEEE PES president, I plan to focus on global membership involvement, growth, and retention by increasing and communicating benefits of active IEEE participation.  When members around the world are getting more involved as volunteers and bring their colleagues to join our society, we are doing it right. It is important to publically acknowledge volunteers and recognize our most active members for their great efforts and contributions. The following are goals and priorities that can be accomplished only through active engagement by the members:

  • Strengthen involvement of and benefits for industry members. It includes development of standards, together with the IEEE Standards Association
  • Improve international involvement and leadership, including awareness, technical participation, and use of international meetings and chapter activities
  • Provide objective technical leadership and support for industry initiatives that lead to developing the regulatory policies in cooperation with U.S. DOE, NERC, and other needful government agencies

Accomplishing the above goals will require creating more industry leading technical, educational, coaching and connection programs through chapters, technical committees, conferences, etc. These initiatives should serve to energize and promote our diverse membership at all grades through sharing knowledge, best practices, and innovative ideas.
As we emphasize the importance of IEEE standards and technical reports, it is good to remember that they have been providing fundamental value to our industry since the dawn of electricity.

Considering the volunteering nature of our involvement and our members’ broad knowledge, it is necessary to cast a wider net to recruit more PES members into technical activities. We draw benefits from global synergies between private and public sectors (utilities/ISOs, vendors, academia, national labs, regulatory organizations, and other industry participants) and by sharing our members’ technical, business, and research experiences and contributions. The PES is perceived as very academically strong. As 70% of our members are from the industry, there is room to improve active involvement and participation by the industry, particularly globally. By expanding our communities globally, our members and industry benefit from the sharing of regional perspectives, challenges, priorities and successes. It enables IEEE PES to make a difference in modernizing global electrical power delivery to serve energy consumers’ demands for reliable, secure, and economical services while addressing environmental needs. 

Furthermore, engaging industry executives facilitates membership engagement and growth and provides awareness about the benefits from active PES involvement:

  • Participation and leadership in standards development helps the company drive and understand key technical issues and protects and enhances its current and future investments
  • Allowing members to learn new technical information, anticipate upcoming issues, and gain information and insights
  • Learning new skills and technologies through meeting attendance and committee participation provides cost-effective workforce training
  • Enabling participants to build a network of professional colleagues for fast access, advice and problem-solving
  • Participating in Technical committees teaches mentoring and management skills

Like most IEEE Societies, PES membership is concentrated in North America, where just over 50 percent of our members reside. Our global membership is growing rapidly, but has not yet reached the levels that we could achieve with a more focused effort to provide services and value tailored to the cultures and circumstances under which the professional careers of our members are developing. Some of our highest priorities are to improve international involvement and presence by:

  • Involving more global participants in standard and guideline activities, in the main groups and as part of regional WGs
  • Publicizing technical committee work at global meetings
  • Holding regional technical meetings in coordination with technical committees and holding more technical committee meetings throughout the world, encouraging participation by local PES chapters and local students
  • Identifying the most pressing issues for power and energy globally and having regional groups to work on common issues


Our goals are also to improve the value of publications and access, e.g. through our Resource Center, and enhance cooperation with CIGRE and IEC.

I am proud of what PES has become and excited about what we can do in the future to provide global technical leadership to our industry and the society.

Damir Novosel, IEEE PES President



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