March 2019 Issue
More than ten years ago we dedicated for the first time a whole issue of the PAC World magazine to cyber security. A lot has happened during these ten years – IEC 61850 has gained acceptance at all corners of the world and you can walk into a digital substation at surprising locations; everything is becoming connected to a communications network and more and more tasks are being perform... More


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Industry News

ABB - All-in-one protection relay for advanced applications

REX640 is the outcome of a long-standing evolution and builds on ABB's strong heritage of freely configurable multifunctional relays. REX640 covers the full range of utility and industrial applications and can manage multiple applications simultaneously. This guarantees flexible, versatile and cost-efficient protection solutions. The fully modular design allows full customization free... More

Cost-effective and Easily-integrable HSR/PRP/PTP/TSN Module on SAS equipment

SoC-e unveils MEZU-A7G8, a plug&work 8-port Gigabit Ethernet System-on-Module (SoM) to support HSR/PRP/PTP and Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) within SAS equipment. MEZU-A7G8 module is also available in a Brick format including a versatile carrier for evaluation and development purposes. This new product is added to SoC-e’s modules portfolio, which is completed with two modules fo... More

Fanox testing capabilities upgraded

Fanox expands its testing capabilities by 40% with the acquisition of new state-of-the-art Omicron testing equipment. Fanox laboratory has been recently upgraded with new Relay Testing Stations and CT Analyzers. Maitane San Martin (Application Engineering Manager): "Product quality is something we take very seriously, and reliable testing is a key point. We have expanded our testing ca... More

Multilin UR v7.8

GE Grid Solutions GE announces the latest release to its field proven UR platform of protection and control relays.  Version 7.8 adds a standards-compliant IEC 61850-9-2LE process bus implementation with 100 Mbit/s and Gigabit Ethernet capabilities.  Scalable to four process bus ports, this unlocks the engineering of cost-effective, high-performance substation architectures... More

Relyum Launches a TSN kit based on RELY-TSN-PCIe

Relyum launches RELY-TSN-PCIe TSN kit, a key element for helping integrators to evolve their solutions to TSN. This kit is based on the MTSN switch IP core, SoC-e's technology for companies that require an all-in-one solution to introduce Time Sensitive Networking in their equipment. The demo kit includes several Test for analyzing the effect of enabling/disabling TSN features (synchroniza... More

Signal Flow Diagrams enhance Test Suite Pro

Triangle MicroWorks has enhanced 61850 Test Suite Pro with new functionality of a Signal Flow Diagram that can be used in conjunction with the recently added Logic Analyzer for the display of GOOSE and Report Data received from IEDs.  A timeline below the Signal Flow Diagram allows step by step playback of a fast sequence of events to analyze the flow of signals. Color animation s... More

StationScout & MBX1 - Efficient testing of Substation Automation Systems

Testing the automation, control, and SCADA communication in IEC 61850 Substation Automation Systems (SAS) has become more and more time-consuming. StationScout simplifies the testing and reduces the required effort significantly. With its powerful functions, StationScout is a specialist for the visualization and the analysis of the whole SAS lifecycle– from engineering to continuou... More

US DOE Cyber Security

The Office of Cybersecurity, Energy Security, and Emergency Response (CESER) leads the Department of Energy’s emergency preparedness and coordinated response to disruptions to the energy sector, including physical and cyber-attacks, natural disasters, and man-made events.  It plays a major role in responding to immediate challenges to America's energy security to protect against... More

User-friendly novelty in Enilit RTU

Enilit RTU extends its software capacity with the choice of operation language. Enilit RTU is the remote terminal unit for substation automation equipped with the unique software Enilit CMS for the configuration and management of the unit. Recently the R&D engineers of UAB Enilit have introduced a novelty – the function of Multilanguage. Since now, users of Enilit RTU can choose any ... More

Cover Story

Cyber Security and Resilience Guidelines for the Smart Energy Operational Environment

While the energy business environment is experiencing these paradigm shifts, the energy industry has accelerated its evolution toward digitization and is becoming increasingly reliant on cyber assets (systems, controllers, intelligent devices) to manage the delivery of electrical energy. These cyber assets are crucial to the safety, efficiency, and reliability of electrical energy. Howev... More

IEC 61850 Update

IEC 61850 - What is next?

Another year is over and so it is time to give you once again an update on the latest developments in IEC 61850. WG10 and WG17 just had their winter meetings - WG10 in Pomona, East of Los Angeles and WG17 in Palo Alto, South of San Francisco, USA. And DistribuTECH 2019 conference which took place this year in New Orleans, USA just closed the doors. DistribuTECH showed once again, that IEC 618... More

Lessons Learned

Security Requirements for EPU Remote Services

Information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) cyber-physical security protection for remote services is a complex subject that requires equal attention be given to local laws and regulations, operating constraints, and organizational constraints imposed on an electric power utility (EPU). In response to these constraints an EPU employs both technical and non-technical contr... More

PSRC Update


Membership Activity: 18 newcomers attended the PES PSRC orientation session on January 15, 2019.  Typical newcomer attendance is in the range of 15-25 for January, May and September meetings. Publicity Activity:  Ongoing visibility in PAC World, IEEE flyers, and other correspondence are underway to continue to build on the 2017-2018 momentum for getting the word out regarding PSRC... More


Detecting cyber intrusions in the digital substation

Let us define a cyber-attack on a substation as an event where an adversary modifies, degrades, or disables a service of at least one protection, automation, or control device within the substation. Looking at Figure 1, a typical substation can be attacked through all paths marked with a number. An attacker could enter through the control center connection (1), as it happened in one of th... More


Cybersecurity for Shared Infrastructure Substation Networks with IEC 61850 Goose and Sampled Values

The network is planned, designed and commissioned by one operator, and will be maintained by two operators - one for generation assets for the windfarm, the other for the grid connection power transmission assets. The topology deployed is shown at a high level, describing how the windfarm offshore and onshore networks will be divided between the operators, and the specific requirements of t... More

Detecting cyber intrusions in the digital substation

Let us define a cyber-attack on a substation as an event where an adversary modifies, degrades, or disables a service of at least one protection, automation, or control device within the substation. Looking at Figure 1, a typical substation can be attacked through all paths marked with a number. An attacker could enter through the control center connection (1), as it happened in one of th... More

Legal Issue

Personal Privacy - (data privacy - personal data)

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines privacy as freedom from unauthorized intrusion. However, if one was to delve into a more philosophical examination of the concept of privacy, we come to realize that the fundamental idea of privacy is so sacred, that in essence it encompasses what it means to be an individual.  When we engage in social interaction we carefully choose how much abo... More

Replacing Fear with Knowledge

Replacing Fear with Knowledge - Standards can be Your Friend

Understanding the drivers behind compliance and requirements is paramount for the adoption and embracing cyber security as a key enabler to advanced monitoring and control systems and a utility's digital transformation journey. The fact exists that substation automation, protection and control systems have changed significantly over the two past decades and will continue to change with techno... More

The Guru

Interview with PACWorld guru Meliha Selak

PAC World:  When and where were you born? M.S.: I was born in a small city, Nova Varos, SFR Yugoslavia in 1949. PAC World:  Where did you grow up and where did you go to school? M.S.: I grew in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, SFR Yugoslavia, where I attended elementary "Arapova" and "Ivan Cankar", and high school "First Gymnasium". PAC World:  Did you have any specific... More


Protection History

The development of test sets since the 1920s was covered within the last issue of the magazine. After World War II the developments by the vendors were restarting. When the cold war began, the established vendors were not available anymore in the communist countries, so own developments began. Some of these developments were done at distribution and transmission system operators at this time... More

I Think

The Integrated Online Society - do the benefits outweigh the risks?

I have touched on the topic of cyber security and privacy risks in past columns, and I have talked about the two sides of security and privacy threats and the way we handle them. For me there are the people who like to create fear, uncertainty and doubt to push their ideas around cyber security and on the other side of the spectrum there are the people who tend to ignore the risks associat... More

Conference Reports

2018 Saudi Arabia Smart Grid (SASG), Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

2018 SASG was held 11-13 December 2018 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The 8th Annual Saudi Arabia Smart Grid 2018 Conference (SASG 2018) took place at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The conference was held under the patronage of the Minister of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources and was co-sponsored by the IEEE PES. The theme of the 2018 conference was “Smart Energy... More

2019 Innovative Smart Grid Technologies NA

The theme of the conference this year was “10 years of ISGT – Innovation for a Flexible and Resilient Grid.” The 10th annual Conference on Innovative Smart Grid Technologies (ISGT 2019), sponsored by the IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES), was held 17-20 February 2019 at the Hyatt Regency in Washington D.C. The conference program includes plenary and panel sessions, te... More

3rd Annual Canada Protection Symposium

The event took place at The Westin Harbour Castle hotel in Toronto, Canada, 4-6 December 2018. The conference was preceded by an IEC 61850 half-day tutorial followed in the afternoon by a technical tour at the G&W Canada facility in Brampton, Ontario. The demonstrations of different Smart Grid related technologies were a good prelude to the symposium. The opening of the event was follo... More

Asia-Pacific Protection & Testing Conference 2018 (AP.PTC 2018)

AP.PTC 2018 was held 31 October-1 November 2018 at the Diamond Ballroom of the Sofitel Saigon Plaza in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The theme of the conference was “Electric Power System in the 21st Century.” The event is held every two years and serves as a neutral platform for the protection community from the Asia-Pacific region to acquire knowledge and trend of the latest av... More

DistribuTECH 2019

DistribuTECH 2019 Conference and Exhibition took place 5-7 February 2019 in New Orleans, USA. This was the 29th edition of the event which is the largest event in the world that focuses on a wide range of issues related to the transition of the transmission and distribution systems into the Smart Grid. DistribuTECH again offered a great opportunity to the thousands of participants to expand... More

IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Europe (ISGT Europe 2018)

The 8th annual ISGT Europe, sponsored by the IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES), was held 21-25 October 2018 at hotel Holiday in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina. The conference program included tutorials, keynote and panel sessions, poster sessions and workshops bringing together experts from electric utilities, manufacturers, academia from Europe and many other countries around the world. ... More

Book Review

Effective Cybersecurity: A Guide to Using Best Practices and Standards

Effective Cybersecurity:A Guide to Using Best Practices and Standards First Edition by William Stallings The changes in the protection, automation and control technology driven by the rapid developments of computers and communications bring significant benefits in the flexibility, efficiency and performance of PAC schemes. But this comes with a price - the threats of cyber-attacks that ... More


The Passion & Intricacies of Woodworking

by Derek Brown, OMICRON electronics, USA From an early age it was always a source of pleasure to build things or fix stuff, but as you will see my real passion is woodworking... First off, an admission. I am a closet woodworker. The term ‘closet’ is often associated with keeping something secret, that's not the case here. I consider myself a closet woodworker for two reas... More

Final Thoughts
This issue of the magazine is focused on Cyber Security – definitely a threat to the electric power industry as seen from the articles you read. But there are other threats that can cause major problems and today it is not clear how we can stop them.  I am talking about these little buzzing things that fly above us, controlled remotely by people with good or bad intentions. The ... More

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