Cover Story

Cyber Security and Resilience Guidelines for the Smart Energy Operational Environment

by Frances Cleveland, Xanthus Consulting International, USA

Cyber security has become an increasingly vital requirement for any business, particularly those responsible for critical infrastructures, such as power system operations responsible for managing the rapidly evolving electric system. These energy businesses must navigate their way through increasingly changing and risky business environments while continuing to provide and improve their services to end users. These business challenges include the transitions to clean energy resources and the increasing societal reliance on electrical energy. At the same time, evolving regulations, breathtaking new technologies, and innovative market opportunities are impacting the existing business structures, including the interconnection of distributed energy resources owned and operated by third-parties, the rapidly expanded use of electrical vehicles, the reorganization of the power system with microgrids, availability of cloud services, and increased utilization of the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.More

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