Lessons Learned

Software Based Centralized Protection: commissioning experience

by Michael Haecker and Christoph Bennauer, Schneider Electric, Germany

One of the main disadvantages of past communication standards have always been the limitations on the compatibility between devices from different vendors. This refers to the provision of sufficient system functionality by exchanging data in the right form and content. The IEC 61850 standards address this topic as a central requirement under the heading of "Interoperability". A new tool and implementations for configuring the IEDs allows to ease the engineering process by a simple and efficient customized profiling within IEC 61850. A key benefit to users is the ability to customize the naming in any given installation allowing for a common, uniform naming convention across a site which is meaningful to that site. When this is applied to all products with the same features it results in a common data naming and vocabulary regardless of manufacturer and promotes the goal of interoperability. Before a detailed description of this solution and the concept behind is given, a few notions shall be explained in the next section to get a common understanding. More

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