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CIGRE B5 Website

CIGRE B5 website is now available to the members of the protection, automation and control community. It provides valuable information in the several sections of the website. From the main page the user can reach several different areas. About SC B5 provides information about the Regular Members, Distribution expert members and Observer Members. It also shows the structure of SC B5, and ... More

Hitachi ABB Power Grids

On 17 December 208 Hitachi announced its decision to acquire ABB’s power grids business and offer innovative energy solutions globally by combining ABB’s world-class offerings, including advanced digital grid solutions, with Hitachi’s digital technology. The purchase is expected to be completed in the first half of 2020. Hitachi will acquire an 80.1% stake in the po... More

Reliable Computing for Substation Automation

rugged substation automation PC – RSAPC With its unique thermal management system, the Welotec RSAPC allows to operate in environments with up to 75°C (167°F) The RSAPC is built by Welotec to bring Server grade performance, reliability and security to the harshest operating environments and meet the stringent certification requirements for substation automation. To b... More


A market-ready solution for SMV analysis applications RELYUM PCIe card embeds specialized hardware for parallelized Sampled Measured Values (SMV) stream processing. This card is a smart pluggable board that provides the necessary computation capabilities to PC servers and gateways to address new applications like Power Analysis, underground HV Cable surveillance and Big Data analys... More

RFL(tm) GARD Pro(tm) IEC 61850 Gateway

HPS/RFL is proud to announce a major update to the GARD Pro protection communications platform to include support for IEC 61850 Edition 2. With this upgrade utilities can now utilize legacy communications channels, for protection applications, between digital IEC 61850 stations. As a result, there is no need to establish secure Ethernet channels between stations as existing... More

TOSHIBA Introduces GRE200 Multi-function IED

Toshiba announces the launch of GRE200, a new multi-function protection and control device covering a wide range of applications from MV through HV/EHV networks. Featuring compact size for embedding in MV-Switchgear, draw-out case, feeder management functionality and the capability to provide motor protection and back-up protection for generators and transformers. GRE200 provides a ... More

TWX1: Testing ultra-high-speed line protection relays

Line faults can generate a traveling wave (TW) that propagates close to speed of light on overhead lines. Thus, TW are the first fault indicator arriving at the protection system and can be used to achieve fast tripping times and highly accurate fault location. To test such relays, you can just use the OMICRON TWX1 in combination with a CMC test set, RelaySimTest and CMGPS 588. This f... More
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