Proactive Protections using the Future-Proof Digital Architectures

by Mital Kanabar and Jeff M, GE Renewable Energy - Grid Solutions, Canada

In 1982, GE's first commercially available microprocessor based Protect4A relay revolutionized the industry on convergence of functionality into small and compact hardware. Figure 1 illustrates the evolution of protection devices and related technologies. The historical evolution of protective relaying technology has significant influence from Electronics and Communication developments in the past. More

Tranformer Challenges and How to Tackle Them

by Christopher Pritchard, and Georgii Tishenin, OMICRON electronics, Austria, and Scott Cooper, OMICRON electronics, USA

Transformer Protection Testing

While the basic premise of transformer differential protection is straightforward, numerous features are employed in
relay algorithms to compensate for challenges presented by the transformer differential application. As a result, developing appropriate test quantities and properly quantifying results can be challenging with traditional functional differential testing..

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