September 2013 Issue
These huge machines are amazing compared to the wind mills used for centuries or the first electricity-generating wind turbines from 125 years ago. They are also connected to the electric power system in a very different way. While at the end of the 19th century and most of the 20th century wind generators were isolated single machines predominantly used to produce electricity in rural areas wi... More


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Industry News


On 23 July 2013 at the IEEE PES General Meeting in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, Prof. Dr. Mohindar Sachdevis received the 2013 IEEE Charles Proteus Steinmetz Award. The award, sponsored by the IEEE Standards Association, recognizes Dr. Sachdev for contributions to and leadership in the development of guides, recommended practices and standards for power system protection. He is a power engineer... More

Alstom Grid

New MiCOM S1 Agile version 1.1 Alstom Grid announces a major update to the universal IED engineering tool suite MiCOM S1 Agile, which adds several new enhancements and tools: Settings export/import interface for Microsoft Excel for easy manipulation and report creation Version control management of settings using global application templates Export of .XRIO files – interoperabi... More

GTNET-PMU for the RTDSĀ® Simulator

The PMU firmware option for the GTNET card allows a maximum of 8 PMUs operating independently to provide symmetrical component information related to 3 phase sets of voltages and currents using the IEEE C37.118 standard. Each PMU can provide a total of 12 phasors, the measured frequency, the rate of change of frequency as well as 4 analogue values and a 1-16 bit digital value. Additionally, a G... More


Prize Paper Award Vahid Madani, Damir Novosel, Stan Horowitz , Mark Adamiak, Javier Amantegui, Dan Karlsson, Shinichi Imai and Alex Apostolov are the 2013 recipients of the IEEE PES Prize Paper Award, for the paper titled, “IEEE PSRC Report on Global Industry Experiences With System Integrity Protection Schemes (SIPS).” This award is given to recognize the most outstanding papers ... More

New IEC 61850 - compliant gigabit switch with PTP support

Link Precision launches the T1000 - IEC 61850 manageable Gigabit Switch with PTP (IEEE1588v2) support. The switch can be supplied with up to 12 gigabit ports divided into 6 modules with 2 ports each, all with PTP support. The T1000's main differential is the ability to configure the interfaces in the field, with no need to remove the equipment installed. This is possible through precision en... More

New version of OMICRON's Test Universe Software

With version 3.00 of the Test Universe Software, which is used to operate OMICRON’s CMC test sets for protection and measurement equipment testing, users will now have the unique possibility to test Power Quality devices according to the new PQ testing standard IEC 62586. This version also supports the new CMGPS 588 portable clock with synchronization and time-stamping via the PTP protoco... More


Arc-Flash Relay with Arc Sensor NR delivers the PCS-9656 Arc-Flash Relay with a patented arc sensor for the fast protection of switchgear and busbar in power plant and industrial field. The relay employs real-time background light tracking technology to ensure the accurate and fast arc-flash detection in the system. When an arc-flash short circuit occurs, the fault can be quickly located and ... More

Siemens' SIPROTEC 5 -

World’s first IEC 61850 Ed2 certified platform Siemens’ new flexible SIPROTEC 5 protection device platform, based on a native IEC 61850 implementation, is now the first product worldwide to be certified fully compliant to IEC 61850 Edition 2. This certification is a major milestone for customer acceptance and is an essential pre-requisite for interoperable solutions. With Siemens... More


Participates in Clean Energy Demonstration Project The ‘Clay Terrace Plug-In Ecosystem Project’ underway in Carmel, Indiana, U.S. was initiated by Energy Systems Network, an Indiana-based not-for-profit initiative, with the support and participation of Duke Energy, Simon Property Group and Itochu Corporation of Japan. Toshiba’s SCiBTM lithium-ion battery system and µEMS... More

Technology News


Ground Breaking Energy Storage One of the challenges with wind and solar power is that they depend on the wind and the sun which may not be available when we need the power. That is why electrical energy storage is one of the key components of the transition towards a world powered predominantly by renewable energy resources. There are many grid-scale storage technologies, but pumped hydro... More

Intelligent Lights -

Features, Benefits and Application Intellistreets is a flexible wireless solution for integrating energy efficient lighting, audio, digital signage and more into your city, campus or sporting venue. The main benefits include: Energy Management: With wireless technology to communicate with individual luminaires, streetlights are able to save energy using dimming and on-demand adjustabilit... More

Severe Space Weather Social & Economic Impacts

Features, Benefits and Application Enormous outbursts of energy from the Sun during late October and early November 2003 produced intense solar energetic particle events and triggered severe geomagnetic storms with wide ranging effects. This motivated the Committee on Solar and Space Physics (CSSP) of the US National Research Council (NRC) to consider the need to assess systematically the soc... More

Cover Story

Integration of Distributed Energy Resources

The integration of DERs requires good understanding of the impact they have, especially on the distribution system protection, as well as on the modeling of their functionality. While large wind and solar farms connected to the transmission system do not require major changes in the functionality of the protection systems, this is not the case at the distribution level of the system. The radial d... More

IEC 61850 Update

IEC 61850 & Smart Grids

Since about five years ago, everybody has been talking about Smart Grids and every organization that wants to be significant for the electric power industry has published its Smart Grid roadmap. While initially many definitions of a Smart Grid existed, it is now a common understanding, that a key element of a Smart Grid is the usage of advanced communication and information technologies to maintai... More

Lessons Learned

EPRI Smart Grid

To convey meaningful case study results, a standard case study format was created to enable a consistent document outline while still allowing for some variation to capture the unique characteristics of each demonstration. Each of the case studies completed to date provided an overview, background information, approach/methodology, results, lessons learned, and finally key recommendations. Som... More

Disturbance analysis

Impact of Distributed Generation during the European 2006 Disturbance

The requirements for disconnection of generation units connected to the distribution grid (especially wind generation and CHP) are usually less strict than for the units connected to the transmission grid, i.e. they are disconnected at a smaller frequency deviation. When the frequency deviation reaches the threshold values of the units’ protection, they are automatically disconnected from th... More

Distributed Control for DER

Distributed Control for DER and Distribution Automation

These newer functions are mostly well-known and include items as: Flow control for Fault Isolation and Service Restoration Distributed Energy Resources integration, including Distributed Generation and Distributed Storage Responsive loads (command, price, and /or system frequency) Integrated Volt/VAr control for voltage regulation, unity power factor Inverter control for fast VAr reg... More

DER Management

ENEL Smart Grid Projects - DER Management Applications

Historically the existing MV network was designed for mono-directional power flows, the line voltage profile was a monotone decreasing profile. Today this is not true anymore, furthermore DER causes uncertainty about the power generated, problems to protection, control and automation systems and network congestions. Due to these problems there is a limited capacity to integrate Distributed Ener... More

Legal Issue

OSHA Law & Regulations

In the U.S., the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), which zealously upholds that it is key to prepare for potential workplace emergencies, designs and enforces standards to ensure a safe work environment. According to the OSH Act of 1970 (OSH Act), employers can be held accountable if they do not provide a safe and healthful workplace to their employees. To achieve its mission... More


Microgrids Integrating renewable energy sources - (RES) to improve reliability

Distributed energy and advanced grid automation systems can play a huge role in the restoration of electric power by isolating the faulted section of a power system and islanding small communities where distributed generation resources can be utilized to restore power in these “micro” grids. Since the devastation of Sandy, power industry stakeholders including utilities, regulators, ... More

The Guru

Interview with PAC World guru Dr. M. Ramamoorty

PAC World: When and where were you born? M.R..: I was born on October 7th 1936. PAC World: Where did you grow up? M.R.: I grew up in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India. PAC World: What were your interests while in school? M.R.: During my school years I liked playing soccer and participating in student debates. We used to get different topics from the teachers during the year and then the stude... More


Protection History - Generations of Protection

Passive and Active Semiconductors, Transmitters and Transistors Since moving parts of electromechanical relays have been an uncertainty in protection devices, the tube (see last number of PACWorld) was the choice as a solid state control element. Unfortunately the lifetime of filament was limited- semiconductors (active and passive) should be the solution. Experiments with vacuum tubes have been... More

I Think

Greetings from the Jungle

Have you ever looked up at the sky at night, counting the stars and letting your imagination go? I am sure once upon a time you have... I am writing this column lying in a hammock beneath a beautiful star spangled sky at the edge of the jungle. What a privilege... Because of the absence of artificial light there are millions of smaller and bigger stars visible, something that I had not seen thi... More

Industry Reports


Drivers for Change Following the political drivers to mitigate the effects of climate change on a global scale and the international trend towards privatization of the electricity supply industry, power systems are under immense scrutiny to enable the use of renewable energy sources while reducing the effects of centralized fossil fuel generation on carbon dioxide and toxic emissions. In Europe m... More

Conference Reports

CIRED 2013 - International Conference & Exhibition, Stockholm

The 22nd International Conference and Exhibition on Electricity Distribution was held in Stockholm, Sweden 10-13 June 2013. Kistamassan in Kista was the conference and exhibition venue. The goal of the conference was to provide an opportunity for the participants to learn and discuss the issues of importance to the industry, as well as to become familiar with the advancements of technology relat... More

Georgia Tech Fault & Disturbance Analysis Conference

The event was held at the Georgia Tech Global Learning Center in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The conference is jointly organized by The Transient Recorder Users Council and Georgia Tech. Other topics of interest include the tools that are needed to support the analysis, including automated analysis of events, as well as the lessons learned from actual system events. The conference technical committ... More

Georgia Tech Protective Relaying, Conference, 2013

The 67th Georgia Tech Protective Relaying Conference is a specialized annual protection and control event that brings together every spring specialist predominantly from utilities in the Southeast of the country, as well as suppliers, consultants and a small number of academics. The conference program included forty three papers selected by the technical committee and presented mostly in parall... More

IEC 61850 Europe Conference 2013, Prague, Czech Republic

The two day conference was preceded by a workshop on “The fundamentals of IEC 61850,” led by Christoph Brunner, Convener of IEC TC 57 Working group 10 which develops the standard. The goal of the conference was to address in depth the following range of issues: Achieving multi-vendor interoperability - managing the complexities of multiple vendors’ devices and tools and d... More

IEEE PES General Meeting, Vancouver, Canada

PES President Noel N. Schulz provided an update about the PES progress and activities of the past year. The candidates for the offices of PES President-Elect, PES Treasurer & PES Secretary made short presentations of their views for the Society and IEEE so members can make an informed decision when voting during this year’s election. Many committee meetings were scheduled from Monday throu... More

PAC World 2013 Conference, Dublin, Ireland

The conference was preceded by a half-day tutorial on "Optimizing protection operation in networks with large-scale penetration of renewable energy " presented by Dr. Alexander Apostolov (USA). The tutorial and registration were followed by the welcome reception that was held in the historical Trinity College Dining Hall. The conference opening was followed by the keynote presentation by Pat O'... More

Book Review

Grid Converters for Photovoltaic and Wind Power Systems

Book Review by Alexander Apostolov, USA Grid converters are one of the key components in the integration of the renewable energy resources. The high penetration of such systems is imposing a new set of requirements to maintain the security and stability of the electric power grid under these new conditions. As a result, especially considering the increasing requirements for observability and co... More


Private Aviation through the Eyes of a Power Engineer

by Jeffery E. Dagle, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA When we go deeper into any field or activity we find that there are many things in common between our profession and our hobbies. The beginning: My first flight was April 6, 2000, from a small general aviation airport with a dozen small planes parked in neat rows on the tarmac. The short control tower next to the main hangar has... More

Final Thoughts
The way things are going, it is clear that distributed generation is here to stay. And that is why we need to change the rules. For most of the last century transmission, distribution and generation were all owned by the electric power utilities. This made it easier to establish rules followed by everybody that ensured that all these components of the system work together supposedly in the most e... More

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