Bob Stuart

Bob Stuart has 45 years of engineering, operation and protection experience with electric production, transmission, systems protection and control and substation design. He is a recognized expert in transmission system operation and system protection design and application for generation, transmission and distribution. In 2004 he retired as Manager of Operations Engineering from PG&E after 35 years. Mr. Stuart has been an innovator and has successfully championed the application of microprocessor technology for system protection and in the use of fault tolerant remedial action schemes.

Mr. Stuart served as the transmission team lead for the North American Electric Reliability Council (NERC) in investigating the 2003 NE Blackout. He chaired an operating capability study group, after the blackout on the Western grid in 1996 that developed the methodology and procedures to restore the reliable operation of the Western US electrical grid. He won the WECC outstanding contributor award for his work on that committee.

Bob loves both cruising and art. He travels with his wife to enjoy them.


Dmitry Ishchenko

Dmitry Ishchenko received the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in electrical power engineering from Kuban State Technological University, Russia. From 1997 to 2003 he was a Power Systems Engineer with the Unified Energy System of Russia. From 2007 to 2010 he was a Senior Power Systems Engineer with Cooper Power Systems, Franksville, WI. He has also worked as a Visiting Researcher at the Norwegian Institute of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway and as a Research Scientist at Michigan Technological University, Houghton, MI.  Since 2010 he is with ABB US Corporate Research Center, Raleigh, NC where he is currently a Principal R&D Engineer. His interests include substation and distribution automation, utility communications, power systems protection, and cyber-physical security.

In his free time Dmitry enjoys reading, hiking and spending time with his family.


Aleksi Paaso

Aleksi Paaso, PhD is a senior smart grid specialist with ComEd smart grid and technology. Dr. Paaso's areas of specialty include voltage optimization and microgrids. He is heavily involved in ComEd's DOE funded effort in developing a microgrid master controller for clustered microgrid applications. He is also a member of IEEE and CIGRE.

Aleksi loves the outdoors, and he likes spending time in nature.




Henry Dawidczak

Henry Dawidczak finished his study of Business Administration and Engineering in Moscow in 1983 and received the “Dipl.-Ing.-Ok.” Graduate degree. He worked as software developer in substation automation in Dresden before he started his job in different positions in the Siemens company in Nuremberg.  Since 2003 he has been involved in standardization projects regarding IEC61850. Since 2004 he is responsible editor of IEC61850-7-4.
For some years he leads a task force of working group 17 of IEC TC57 regarding Grid Integration of DER with IEC 61850. He is member of national and international standardization bodies, e.g. IEC TC57 WG10, WG17 and WG19.

He enjoys exploring and traveling with his motorbike in his spare time.

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