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Practical Implementation of Adaptive Protection and Control in a Medium Voltage Microgrid

This article describes typical technical challenges and provides an overview for the implementation of advanced control and adaptive protection functionality for a medium voltage microgrid. The implementation details including real time data exchange mechanisms, e.g. IEC 61850 data objects and attributes used to implement the core microgrid controller functions are presented. The design process is also illustrated by time-domain transient simulations. Microgrid protection and control solution summarized in this article has been designed for remote Hailuoto Island in Finland connected to the mainland through underground subsea AC cable. Islanded area contains a 20-kV overhead line section of about 20 km behind a recloser station with approximately 1.2 MVA of load, a remote 1.4 MW diesel generator and a 500 kW wind turbine.    The article demonstrates how IEC 61850 technology can be efficiently used to enhance the coordination of the protective devices in microgrids and implement critical microgrid control functions, particularly related to transitions from grid connected to islanded mode and back. More

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