NASA Mission to Mars

The Application of Lessons Learned from DC Microgrid Technology for Spacecraft to Terrestrial Microgrids

by Bob Stuart, USA and Steven A. Greenberg, Bridge View Resources, LLC, USA


This article examines the challenges and lessons learned from modeling DC microgrids for spacecraft designed for manned space travel to MARS and compares the properties and characteristics of DC microgrids on board spacecraft with the properties and characteristics of Terrestrial AC microgrids,  explores potential applications of DC microgrids to Terrestrial AC microgrids and lastly makes an argument to address the need for Industry Wide Standards for Terrestrial AC microgrids. This article is based in part on an innovative software approach to analyzing large Terrestrial AC microgrids and providing a proof of concept for analyzing DC microgrids on board spacecraft as part of the long term NASA Mission to MARS Program. Gridquant Technologies and Battelle Memorial National Labs collaborated on a Phase I SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) project which this article will discuss in relationship to the commonalities of AC microgrids and DC Microgrids. More

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