Industry News

7SR45 numeric device

Siemens announce the launch of the new 7SR45 Argus - Self-powered Overcurrent Relay The 7SR45 numeric device has been developed as the successor to the well established 7SJ45 relay and is part of the 7SR Argus family. The Self Powered Overcurrent and Earth Fault Relay is developed using the latest generation of hardware technology and is available in two variants depending on the CT conf... More

Alstom Grid

Dedicated Numerical High Impedance Busbar Protection with the MiCOM P14x Series Alstom launches the complete high impedance busbar protection application in its P40 Agile range.  The P141-P145 models now include dedicated features derived from many decades of industry leadership in busbar products MCAG, MFAC and MVTP. The differential scheme achieves precise and selective protection,... More

Get ready for Easergy!

Schneider Electric is launching a new range of devices dedicated to solving the modern challenges of electrical protection and distribution network management. The range named Easergy will set a new standard for safety and security, increasingly necessitated by regulatory, ethical and operational considerations. Efficient logistics will offer simplified ordering, and faster delivery, coupled ... More

IEEE PES - Douglas M. Staszesky Distribution Automation Award

This award was established to recognize individuals who have made a significant contribution to ensure the practical realization of distribution system automation. S. S. (MANI) VENKATA is the 2015 Recipient of the award for contributions to the design and implementation of state of the art, smart distribution automation systems. Since 2011 Prof. Dr. Venkata is a Principal Scientist in Alst... More

IEEE PES - Meritorious Service Award

The IEEE PES Meritorious Service Award is given to a PES Member who has made outstanding contributions in leadership, technical activities, and educational activities of the IEEE Power & Energy Society.  JOHN D. MCDONALD is the 2015 Recipient for contributions to PES technical activities, especially the Substations Committee and the Distinguished Lecturers Program, and to the administr... More

IEEE PES - Outstanding Technical Report

The IEEE PES Outstanding Technical Report Award for 2015 is given to the “Use of Synchrophasor Measurements in Protective Relaying Applications” report produced by the Power System Relaying Committee. Jim O’Brien, Chair and Alla Deronja, Vice Chair were the officers of the working group that produced the report.  The Members of the working group were: Alex Apost... More

IEEE Power and Energy Society Reorganization

The IEEE Power and Energy Society (PES) is reorganizing its technical committees to address committee overlap and lack of technology coverage. Three extensive surveys of the committees determined how each viewed their technology coverage.  Several changes were identified: six or more committees indicated similar technology coverage - signifying overlap; other technologies showed limite... More

ISIO 200

New IEC 61850 SCADA Interface Regardless of whether OMICRON´s ISIO 200 is used for SCADA testing or teleprotection applications, utilities and system integrators will benefit from the extended functionalities of the versatile binary I/O terminal for Substation Automation Systems due to its new IEC 61850 server. ISIO 200 now communicates with an IEC 61850 SCADA system. Selectable data... More

Sifang Merge Unit

CSD-60x series MU (Merge Unit) is merging and synchronizing the sampling data and transmitting to bay level IEDs via process bus. It supports both NCIT (Non-Conventional Instrument Transformer) and CIT (Conventional Instrument Transformer). Analog input sampling rate: 4000Hz Digital input: multiple channel of digital input SV input and output: IEC 61850-9-2, optical 10/100M Ethernet,... More

Triangle MicroWorks

New Tool for Simulating the Communications of PAC Systems Triangle MicroWorks has released the Distributed Test Manager (DTM) which is designed to simulate the communications and data models of substations and other power systems.  DTM can simulate multiple Clients/Servers and Publishers/Subscribers on hosts distributed across a network.  Simulations are created by importing devi... More

Technology News

Remote PC Access - work from home or while traveling

We live in a world that is more and more defined by technology and characterized by our mobility and at the same time the threats of cyber-attacks. That is why the availability of secure software tools that allow us to access a computer from anywhere and any device that we use is very important, and we should try to use the best. The Gold Award Winner from the review of the top ten remote... More

String Inverters offer additional benefits

Photovoltaic (PV) systems are probably the most common source of renewable energy for many microgrids. The integration of the solar panels with the microgrids, or even with the power grid is based on the use of inverters which convert the DC output from the panels into the AC output required by the consumers. This makes inverters the largest hardware cost after the solar panels in any solar... More
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