PACW 2015 Conference Photo Contest Awards

PAC World is happy to present the second and third place winners of the Photo Competition for the Annual PACWorld Conference 2015 that took place in Glasgow, United Kingdom.

Photo Contest - Power Category and General Category

  • What are we doing?          
  • Why are we doing it?          
  • How are we doing it?

The Photo Contest selection process had 2 phases:

  • Initial selection - 5 in the Power Category, and 15 in the General Category
  • Winners selection

It was not easy to select the winners out of the wide variety of pictures of great quality.  Many thanks to all of you that found time to send your pictures. Your contribution is a great help and inspiration to the PACWorld community.


"Do not touch my dolphin" by Christian Enk, ,
Date of photo: May 14, 2014
Location: Lamma Island, Hong Kong
Camera Used: Sony RX100 II
Photo Summary:

PDF Version

Let?s start with organization in protection testing