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Coordination of Protection and Automation for Future Networks

Technical Brochure 629 was developed by CIGRE Working Group B5.43 and identifies the characteristics of the future grid and the possible evolutions towards it. It also covers the related protection and automation issues. From these issues, potential solutions as well as follow-up investigations are proposed. Based on these points, requirements related to protection and automation of Future Networks are evaluated.

The structures of the electric power grids in the 21st century are changing dramatically compared to the grids of the last century. This is driven mainly by the concern with global warming and the replacement of the conventional large coal-fired power plants with distributed relatively small wind or solar generators. However they pose many challenges due to their completely different behavior during normal and abnormal electric power system conditions.
This report looks at the likely model of the future grid and its prospective components and identifies some of the consequences and requirements for changes in the protection, automation and control of the grid. More

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