Book Review

Practical Power System Protection

Electric power systems protection is one of the more complex fields that requires deep understanding of the abnormal conditions that may occur in the system, their effect on the stability of the system and sensitive loads, as well as the advancements in protection technology, communications and automation. Books on power systems protection are usually going deeply into the theory of fault analysis and protection algorithms. At the same time in many cases they lack coverage of the practical side of protection applications. This is to a great extent dependent on the authors and their audience.

Practical Power System Protection is targeted for a different audience - engineers and technicians that need to quickly reach a basic level of understanding of the principles and application of different types of protection, short circuit currents calculations and relays coordination. The authors of the book have practical experience and understanding of the needs of people with limited knowledge of protection. In 19 chapters and less than 300 pages they cover a wide range of issues related mostly to the protection of sub-transmission and distribution systems.


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