CIDEL 2006, Buenos Aires, Argentina

CIDEL is the most important Electricity Distribution event in Latin America, both for the excellence of the papers and the quality of the audience.

From 27 to 29 November 2006, Buenos Aires hosted the International Electricity Distribution Congress CIDEL Argentina 2006, the third congress after those held in 1996 and 2002.  The congress was attended by 440 professionals from 27 countries. Over 400 papers were presented, coming mostly from Latin American countries like Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Uruguay, Cuba, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. Numeral proposals have also been received from other countries worldwide such as Switzerland, France, UK, USA, the Czech Republic, Canada, Germany, Spain, Italy, Nigeria, Yugoslavia and Malaysia.

 An exhibition was held simultaneously with the Congress with the aim of allowing the attendees to learn more about the most significant new products and services for electricity distribution and sales.
CIDEL Argentina 2006 has been made possible thanks to the joint effort of the Association of Electrical Energy Distributors of the Argentine Republic (ADEERA) and the Argentine Committee of the Regional Electricity Integration Commission (CACIER). Key topics discussed were related to Electricity Distribution: technological advances, management, scattered markets, distributed generation and its insertion into distribution systems, regulatory aspects, electricity tariffs and sustainable development in the electricity sector.

Institutional support was provide by the Spanish Association of the Electricity Industry (UNESA), the Regional Electricity Integration Commission (CIER) and the International Electricity Distribution Congress (CIRED), institutions that also make up the Direction and Organization Committees.

The Congress is the ideal setting for researchers to have the opportunity of presenting their papers and to debate with their peers from other parts of the world. In addition, Round Tables with internationally renowned speakers were held concerning topics of interest.

CIDEL Argentina 2006 is distinguished from other high-ranking Congresses around the world by its mode of work. Six Technical Sessions were held, during which a President and two designated speakers give lectures on noteworthy aspects of the technical papers accepted. They lead to discussions directing questions to the authors and the audience in general.

The main topics of the sessions were: "Substations, lines and cables"; "Operation, protection and control of distribution networks"; "Distribution management systems"; "Product and service quality"; "Regulation of electricity distribution and the electricity sector in general" and "Companies' social responsibility and sustainable development."

CIDEL is the most important Electricity Distribution event in Latin America, both for the excellence of the papers and the quality of the audience.

The success of the Congress depends on a careful pre-selection of the Preferential Topics that are of interest in each of the 6 Technical Sessions and about which of the authors are invited to present summaries. A Technical Committee for each Technical Session approves those summaries corresponding to the selected Preferential Topics that are original and of a very good technical quality and capable of stimulating fruitful subsequent discussion.

Each Technical Committee, after a careful reading of the papers, writes a Report for each Preferential Topic consisting of a summary of the papers, an overall analysis and a set of questions. These later are sent to the authors before the Congress. The written answers to the questions constitute the Contributions. The set of Papers, Reports, Questions and Contributions received make up the first CD that is issued to registered participants. It is important that participants register far enough in advance to be able to read the papers that interest them prior to the Congress, encouraging their subsequent participation.
The Sessions are held simultaneously during the Congress. At each Session, the Reports of each Preferential Topic are presented together with the Contributions received. Spontaneous questions and contributions are incorporated as they arise and depending on the time available for them to be dealt with. As an exception, some papers might be presented in case that the Technical Committees consider have a very significant relevance for the Congress participants.  The results of the discussions and spontaneous Contributions during the Congress, as well as the final Reports of the Technical Committees make up the second CD issued to participants.

During the course of the Congress, participants visited SACME, whose main activity is the coordination, supervision and control of the Federal Capital and Greater Buenos Aires electricity generation, transmission and sub-transmission system operation and the connections with the Argentine Interconnection System (SADI).

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